Mason Jars Salad for Healthy Weight Loss

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Salad is a versatile healthy food that you can make in various ways, and it is a good menu item for healthy weight loss. While most people imagine salad as a pile of lettuce and tomatoes, there are a lot of things you can do with salad. If you have Mason jars, you can always prepare fresh salad in the jar for quick lunch at the workplace. This is also a great solution for healthy portioning, since excessive portion is one of common problems in weight loss program.

Mason Jars Salad for Healthy Weight Loss

Mason Jars Salad for Healthy Weight Loss (youtube)

Tips to Make Jar Salad for Weight Loss

To make sure that your salad is suitable for healthy eating and weight loss, you have to make it the right way. If you plan to make jar salad for healthy weight loss program, here are some tips you can use:

Choose the right jar.

There are various types of Mason jars at the market, but if you only want to have a few, choose the jars that can handle one portion. A quart jar has a great size for one portion of meal. Make sure to choose jar that has wide mouth, so meal preparation can be easier.

Put the dressing at the bottom.

You can prepare salad at home to be eaten during lunchtime. To make sure that the salad stays fresh, make sure you put the dressing at the bottom of the jar, before putting the toppings and finally the main vegetables. This way, your salad will stay fresh and crisp until lunchtime.

Keep the jar in the fridge.

If you prepare the salad in the morning, put it in the fridge and take it out until you are ready to go (do not shake the jar!). If your office has fridge, put the jar in it until you are ready to eat the salad.

Making salad in a jar is a great way to keep your portion and nutrition intake in check. Make sure you also make salad the right way to keep it nutritious but low in calorie.

How to Make Jar Salad for Weight Loss

Choosing the right ingredients from the start is the key of healthy eating for weight loss, even if it is “only” salad. Here is how you can make a delicious, complete and healthy salad in a jar:

  • Make sure the dressing is low fat. Ideally, healthy dressing should not contain more than 3 gram of fat per 2 tablespoons. You can mix olive oil with a little vinegar, or using yogurt-based salad dressing that is low in calorie.
  • Make sure there is protein. To get energy and support body functions, protein is important. Make sure your protein in salad is fresh and low in calorie. Pick skinless chicken, turkey, fresh tuna (or water-based canned tuna), prawn, lentils, or hard-boiled egg. You can also add low calorie “flavoring” such as low fat cottage cheese, kidney beans, corn, and avocadoes.
  • Add as many fresh veggies as you like. Colorful veggies like romaine lettuce, baby spinach, bell pepper, red cabbage, tomatoes and kale are great for your diet, and give you substantial vitamins and minerals.

With the right combination and Mason jar, you can create great salad lunch for healthy weight loss. It is a good meal with controlled portion to support your diet effort.

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