Facts about Water Weight and How to Remove It

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If you ever wonder why your weight often goes up and down weight loss program, this is probably because of water weight. The resulting fluctuation can be disheartening and frustrating for those who are desperate to see any results. Unfortunately, water weight is not uncommon, and people with already high BMI risk getting water weight more.

To reduce fluctuation and water retention in the body, it is best if you learn facts about water weight, and how you can remove it effectively.

Facts about Water Weight and How to Remove It

Facts about Water Weight and How to Remove It 9bhttp://maintainingmentalhealth.blogspot.com)

Cause of Water Retention in Weight Loss Program

Daily water retention happens when the water from your food and drink is stored in your body, and is not being flushed out. This can happen if your body is sensitive to salt, especially if you consume large amount of salty foods. Your body becomes “aware” of the high presence of salt, and tries to neutralize it by keeping water in the body. Water mostly comes from foods with high water intake, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. The rest comes from daily drink and other foods, especially the ones with broth or sauce.

There are also other nutritional and physiological factors that can cause water retention, which results in water weight. For example, if you eat a lot of carbohydrate, you can gain more water weight than people who control their carbohydrate intake. Also, people with insulin resistance and people with BMI above 40 usually have bigger risks in retaining water in their bodies.

Water retention not only causes weight fluctuation that messes with your weighing, but it also makes you feel bloated and your belly distended, despite your efforts to burn more fat and tone the muscles. Find out how you can reduce water retention for maximum weight loss efforts.

Tips to Lose Water Weight in Weight Loss Program

Many people opt for diuretic pills or herbal drinks to lose water weight fast. Unfortunately, while these products may show some effects, they are usually short-term and cannot be depended upon for long-term weight loss program. If you want to prevent water retention during weight loss program, you have to do natural, safe methods that go hand in hand with your program.

Here are some safe ways to reduce water weight and increase your success in getting ideal weight:

Do routine exercise every day.

Some people stick to healthy eating but neglect exercise. If you do not exercise, your circulation system will not work as well as if you exercise every day. Good circulation system means less water retention; plus, you can tone your muscles.

Drink a lot of water.

If your body tends to retain water, drinking more water every day will help reducing the problem. By drinking enough water every day, your body will compel to get rid of excess water from the body.

Reduce salt and simple carb.

Foods that are high in salt, sodium and simple carb will make your body retains water even more. You don’t need to cut down salt completely, but make sure to control it, such as by avoiding processed and canned foods. Change your simple carb with complex carb, such as by buying brown rice, whole wheat products, and muesli.

Water weight can be a problem if you are trying to lose weight, but by using natural methods to get rid of it, you can avoid fluctuated weight problem without endangering your health during weight loss program.

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