Why People Overeating? Common Reasons to Overeat You Must Know

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Even if you try to eat healthy foods regularly, you probably still experience a few bouts of overeating. This can happen even if you try to eat regularly, and because of various reasons. When you are tempted to eat outside your regular meals plus occasional treats, you may not realize when these foods slowly increase your waistline numbers because of added calorie intake. Also, even if you try eating healthy foods, excessive portions will make your weight loss efforts useless.

If you keep failing your weight loss efforts, it is probably because of overeating. Knowing why you overeat can greatly help your efforts and reduce calorie intake.

Why People Overeating, Common Reasons to Overeat You Must Know

Why People Overeating, Common Reasons to Overeat You Must Know (banashreepalit.wordpress)

Common Reasons of Overeating

Overeating can be caused by various factors, even the psychological factors. Here are some common reasons why you probably overeat:

Emotional or stressed condition.

When you are stressed or emotional, eating may become one of the common overeating causes. This can root from unhealthy reactions to stress, and it will contribute to weight gain, various diseases, and even further stress. While women are often stereotypically thought as emotional eaters, men can also experience it, especially under big stress or emotional strain. Emotional eating can be as unhealthy as smoking or drinking to loosen up stress.

Addicted to sugar.

Sugar addiction can happen slowly since childhood, which is the time when children are often indulged with sweet treats. Sugar addiction can cause you to indulge on chocolate bars, ice cream, candy and other sweet treats excessively. Worse, these sweet treats are empty calorie sources, which give you a lot of calorie intake without any nutritional benefits.

Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia Nervosa.

These are serious causes of overeating that are often rooted in psychological problems or trauma. People who have this condition often eat a lot of foods in such short amount of time, often until they throw up. The only solution to solve these problems is by tracing the route of the binge eating disorder or bulimia, and work from there to solve the eating disorder once and for all.

Giant meal portions.

America is the land of giant portions, and the size of hamburger or fries have become so inflated compared to several decades ago. This also applies to various snacks and TV dinners, for example, and contributes to overeating, because people tend to feel sorry to waste one portion, even if the portion is super large.

Excessive fast food consumption.

Fast food is a combination of several problems. It often has giant portions (especially in North America), considered empty calorie sources, and it is addictive. The fast food addiction happens because of a lot of sugar, salt and fat combo in fast food products. Plus, busy life makes a lot of people prefer fast foods compared to freshly cooked meal or homemade healthy meal, making the overeating problem even worse.

Compulsive, social, and boredom eating.

These three are similar because they make you eat more without planning or thinking, and you often cannot help doing it. Meal planning is the way you can prevent them.

By knowing the root of overeating habit, you can detect your own problem, and make strategy to solve it.

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