Why Eggs Are Good for Healthy Weight Loss

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There are some foods that are often suggested as weight loss foods, and eggs are probably the most popular. Even for those who are not dieting, eggs are viewed as versatile foods: they are practical, delicious, can be cooked in many ways, and contain a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eggs also contain fulfilling qualities, and they provide simple ingredients for those who are too busy to cook healthy foods with complicated ingredients. However, if you want to turn eggs into healthy weight loss foods, you must consume them the right way.

Why Eggs Are Good for Healthy Weight Loss

Why Eggs Are Good for Healthy Weight Loss (indiatimes)

Reason to Eat Eggs for Weight Loss

There are many good reasons why you should include more eggs into your daily meals for healthy diet, and they are backed by scientific studies. Scientists have proven the benefits of eggs for weight loss. A study published in Nature journal showed that people who ate egg-based breakfast felt fuller and lost weight quicker than people who ate wheat-based breakfast, such as bagels. Eggs also have nutritional qualities that can reduce blood sugar level, which means you feel fewer periods of food cravings in a day.

Other reasons to eat eggs for weight loss are their versatility. Many people who are very busy often do not have time to cook from scratch. However, eggs are cheap and flexible ingredients that you can turn into various healthy dishes. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs can be made into proper dishes for the day. You can even make some dishes with microwave or very basic ingredients. They are great to help you maintaining healthy eating for weight loss.

Tips to Eat Eggs for Weight Loss

The easiest way to cook eggs is by boiling them, whether hard-boiled or soft-boiled. However, if plain boiled eggs bore you, there are other ways to enjoy eggs without adding extra calorie and fat into your body, such as:

  • Cook omelets from two eggs; one is regular egg and the other is just the egg white. If you want extra flavor, add a little low-fat cheddar cheese, salt and pepper, and fry them with very little oil (non-stick frying pan will be really helpful). Add extra vitamins and minerals by adding tomatoes and spinach.
  • Use boiled eggs as salad topping, without fatty dressing. Chop them up or slice them into big chunks for a satisfying bowl of salad.
  • Make scrambled egg with very little oil, and put it in a high-fiber taco wrap, plus some tomato slices and onion. They make quick, fulfilling breakfast or late breakfast.
  • If you want to eat wheat-based breakfast, try making a unique breakfast dish called egg in the basket. Make a hole in the middle of bread slice, spread thin layers of low fat butter on both sides, and put on non-stick frying pan on top of small heat. Crack an egg in the hole and wait until it is hardened until you flip the bread. Cook until both sides are cooked perfectly.

Eating eggs is not the only thing you can do to lose weight healthily, but there are many ways of cooking and consuming eggs for healthy weight loss program.

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