Top 7 Common Types of Itchy Skin Rash You Might Get

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You are probably familiar with rash, but skin rash is not an actual disease; it is a symptom of certain conditions that you might have. Rash can appear in various body parts, with various visual characteristics and causes. If the rash is itchy, it is not only annoying, but can also be a sign of serious skin condition. When you see rash (or if you experience one now), make sure you have a clue of what causes it, so you can immediately choose the right step to treat it.

Top 7 Common Types of Itchy Skin Rash You Might Get

Top 7 Common Types of Itchy Skin Rash You Might Get (livestrong)

Top Itchy Skin Rash Types and Causes

There are various causes of rash that can possibly happen, but here are top itchy skin rash types and their likely causes:

  • Poison ivy rash.

As the name suggests, this rash is caused by the resin of poison ivy. However, it is not limited in poison ivy, but also various plants from the Rhus genus, such as sumac and oak plants. The rash usually starts with redness that grows into blisters, and is commonly treated with topical steroid.

  • Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a common chronic skin condition that roots from immune system. In this case, your immune system cells work by “fighting” normal skin cells, resulting in white scales that feel itchy. Psoriasis is often found around scalp (often confused with dandruff), elbows, and knees.

  • Eczema.

This is also a common condition that causes itchy skin rash, but the exact cause is not known, except the fact that there are abnormalities in the epidermis, which make your skin dries more easily. Eczema is very itchy, can appear very red, and cannot be cured forever, so the person that has it usually must do lifestyle adjustment.

  • Athlete’s Foot.

This is a common fungal infection that attacks the area between the toes, resulting in itchy, whitish or reddish rash and scales. Doctor usually prescribes antifungal medicine to treat Athlete’s Foot.

  • Chicken pox.

This is another common rash that forms small, reddish dots on the face and body, and often happens to kids. Chicken pox is caused by a virus called Varicella. The invention of chicken pox vaccine made the prevalence of this condition very little, but many people got chicken pox at least once in their life, usually when very little. However, if pregnant women and adults get chicken pox, they need to see the doctor immediately.

  • Scabies.

Scabies is a rash that is caused by mites, and it usually appears as very itchy, bumpy red dots on body parts such as waistline, fingers, armpits, legs, and wrists. This can happen because of sleeping on old mattress, or not having good hygiene. While the mites can be killed instantly with topical medications, the rash can lasts up to a month.

  • Ringworm.

Another skin rash caused by fungal infection, ringworm usually appears on body parts and forms a reddish circle with bumpy lesions. The treatment usually uses topical and/or oral medications.

Once you identify the types of itchy skin rash, make sure to visit the doctor immediately, since quick diagnose and treatment will help your skin healing faster.

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