Tips to Store Insulin at Home for People with Diabetes

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If you have diabetes and must live with constant insulin intake or insulin injection , diabetes insulin tips become important knowledge. Knowing good way to store insulin is especially important, since improper storage method will make it unusable. Since people tend to buy insulin in bulk to prepare, you need to store it based on when you will use it. There are different ways of storing your insulin supply, for insulin that you are going to use, and the stock that you still want to store and not immediately used.

Tips to Store Insulin at Home for People with Diabetes

Tips to Store Insulin at Home for People with Diabetes (Everyday Health)

Diabetes Insulin Tips for Proper Storage

First, you need to separate your insulin supply based on the immediate function. Which insulin supply do you want to immediately use? Which one is stored for future use? Here are two insulin storage methods you have to use:

Insulin storage for immediate use.

Your insulin stock for immediate or daily using must be kept in room temperature, and by “room temperature,” it means no more than 86 Fahrenheit degree (30 Celsius degree) and no less than 36 Fahrenheit degree (2 Celsius degree). This is meant to keep the insulin potent for at least 28 days. However, if you feel that the storage is too hot, better keep the supply in the refrigerator.

Insulin storage for future use.

If you don’t immediately use the insulin supply, keep it in the refrigerator with temperature range between 36 and 46 Fahrenheit degree (or between 2.2 and 7.8 Celsius degree). This also includes insulin cartridge and prefilled insulin packs. Make sure the temperature does not make the liquid freezing, since the insulin will become less stable and not potent.

No matter how you store the insulin, always check the content first before using. Make sure there are no discolorations, clumps, or crystals inside. If you think that an insulin pack looks suspicious, it is safer not to use it.

General Tips of How to Store Insulin

If you are a mobile person, chances are you carry insulin supply everywhere. Here are additional tips of how to store insulin so you don’t damage the content:

  • Don’t store insulin in a car, even in the dashboard or glove compartment. Even if the outside temperature is cool, a car interior can easily heat up and damage your insulin supply.
  • Don’t store insulin in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight; pay attention to where the sun may shine when you open the window.
  • Don’t store insulin next to something that emanates heat, such as heating vent or heater.
  • Put label sticker on your insulin case and write down the expiration date of your insulin, which is 28 days after you buy it. After 28 days, the insulin usually becomes less potent, so it is not recommended to be stored.

Finally, if you are not sure about how specific insulin products must be stored, bring the package and discuss it with your doctor. These diabetes insulin tips will help you maintaining enough supply of insulin ready at home, without damaging the potency.

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