Tips to Make Healthy, Fulfilling Oatmeal Breakfast

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Oatmeal is one of popular, healthy breakfast options usually suggested for weight loss program. While it is indeed healthy, low in calorie and easy to make, oatmeal can be quite bland and boring after a while. Plus, people tend to put a lot of high calorie or sugary things in the bowl to improve the flavor, which ruins the weight loss goal. Also, many find out that they have to eat a lot of portion in order to feel satisfied after eating oatmeal, which ruins the portion control efforts. This is because “recommended serving size” of oatmeal is usually very small, especially if you are busy.

Tips to Make Healthy, Fulfilling Oatmeal Breakfast

Tips to Make Healthy, Fulfilling Oatmeal Breakfast (kitchenrussian)

However, there are many ways to improve a simple oatmeal breakfast without making it high in calorie or too sugary. Using these methods, you can make one bowl of oatmeal becomes more fulfilling and “expanding,” with nutritious elements to make it healthy as well as satisfying.

Things to Prepare for Fulfilling, Healthy Breakfast

To prepare fulfilling, hearty bowl of oatmeal every morning without compromising portion and flavor, make sure you prepare these equipment and ingredients at your kitchen:

  • Medium-sized pot.

Non-stick pot is the best equipment to cook your fulfilling healthy breakfast. To make the measurement easier, you should have a medium-sized pot with long handle that leans to the wide size instead of tall.

  • Old-fashioned (non-quick cooking oatmeal).

This type of oatmeal is the best to make “expanding” oatmeal breakfast. Also, this oatmeal type is also lower in calorie and contains more fiber, which is more ideal for healthy breakfast and weight loss program. If possible, do not pick any oatmeal that has “quick-cooking” on the label.

  • Low fat dairy products.

If you like thick consistency in your oatmeal flavor, but want to reduce calorie and fat, pick low-fat or non-fat milk. Add some vanilla extract if you like. Or, if you can find it, you can pick low fat milk that has vanilla flavoring. For vegetarians, soy milk, rice milk or almond milk is a great choice.

  • Non sugary sweeteners.

Instead of white sugar, you can pick something that is as sweet, such as organic honey and stevia sweetener.

  • Seasonings.

There are many seasonings you can use for a nice bowl of oatmeal, such as pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon powder, and unsweetened cocoa powder.

  • Toppings and mixture.

These are to add flavors and consistencies in and on top of the oatmeal. You can choose protein powder, fruit slices, raisins, chopped nuts, low fat peanut butter, shredded coconuts, and semisweet chocolate chips.

Once you have the ingredients, you can start making a healthy breakfast. Here is how:

  • Pour half cup of oatmeal into the pot. Mix in a cup of water and a cup of milk or other thickening agent of your liking.
  • Turn on the stove to high heat until the oatmeal mixture is boiled, then simmer. Cook and stir occasionally for 10-15 minutes until the mixture thickens.
  • Pour to the bowl, add extra ingredients of your liking, and pour the toppings.

If you like oatmeal or want to turn it into regular breakfast, this easy 15-minute healthy breakfast is low in calorie, fulfilling, and has great flavor.

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