Tips to Eat Cleanly and Manage Family Weight Loss Program

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Eating cleanly sounds like something only adults would prefer in special weight loss program, but in reality, you can get all the family members to do this clean eating program, including the kids. While “eating cleanly” sounds like a vague term, this actually refers to eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods. This can be difficult for families, especially if you and your spouse are both busy and often rely on processed foods to feed the entire family.

Tips to Eat Cleanly and Manage Family Weight Loss Program

Tips to Eat Cleanly and Manage Family Weight Loss Program (prevention)

Eating cleanly needs commitment, but you can actually apply this program to your family by doing it step by step, and without forcing your kids to abruptly change their meals.

Eat Clean Alternatives for Weight Loss

You will need a lot of planning to eat clean with your family, especially since you must fulfill nutritional needs for the kids. You can replace their daily meals and snacks with the “clean” versions in order to start clean eating program. Here are some examples of clean eating alternatives for regular meal items you can try now:

  • Fruit muesli for sugary cereals.

Instead of giving colorful, sugary cereals that give your kids a lot of sugar intake in the morning, serve muesli with a lot of cut fruits such as strawberries, bananas, and raspberries. These fruits give natural sweetness and bright color to your muesli and give good nutrition such as vitamins and minerals.

  • Fruit smoothie for milkshake and boxed juice.

Instead of giving boxed juice, which has lost most of its actual fruits and contains a lot of sugar, make homemade fruit smoothie. Make it with ice cubes and fruits such as strawberries, bananas, melons, raspberries, blueberries, and apples. To thicken the smoothie and make it more similar to milkshake, use thickening agent such as fresh milk or coconut milk. Frozen fruits are also okay since they still have the same nutrition.

  • Grilled/steamed/baked fish instead of canned fish.

Preparing fish is quick enough since it is rich in protein and cooked quickly. It is better than canned fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines, because fresh fish contains less sodium, fat and salt. Grilling, steaming or baking uses less oil than if you frying the fish.

  • Flavored sparkling water instead of soda.

Soda is children’s favorite drink, but in order to encourage clean eating and weight loss, make flavored water using fruits and mint leaves you can leave in the fridge for hours. Use sparkling water instead of regular water to make the drink, so you and your kids can enjoy “healthy soda.”

  • Pita chip and hummus dip instead of potato chips.

Pita chips with homemade hummus dip have lower calorie than potato chips. Making pita chips and hummus dips are quite easy, and you can store them in the fridge to be eaten again later.

  • Yogurt with fruits instead of ice cream.

Cold yogurt with slices of brightly colored fruits can be great dessert replacing ice cream, or you can go the smoothie route to make it taste like milkshake.

Basically, clean eating is a lifestyle where you replace processed foods with natural, healthily-prepared foods. It is not only good for weight loss, but can also be a start for your family to develop healthy lifestyle in general.


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