Tips to Choose Snacks for Low Glycemic Index Diet

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If you undergo specific diet such as low glycemic index diet, you may feel rather restricted when it comes to foods. Many people who undergo this diet are often conflicted when trying to enjoy snacks. Eating snack is actually important for any healthy diets, because it reduces hunger pangs and fills your stomach between meal times. However, snacks are often associated with sugary and fatty foods, which are not good for people who need to reduce carb and sugar.

Tips to Choose Snacks for Low Glycemic Index Diet

Tips to Choose Snacks for Low Glycemic Index Diet

Fortunately, there are many good snacks you can still enjoy when you are in low glycemic index diet. You can make variations for the snacks every day, stay healthy, but enjoy daily meal with good amount and type of snacks.

Low Glycemic Index Diet Snacks

Make sure you do your healthy diet justice by balancing between health and enjoyable snacks. Here are snacks for low glycemic index diet you can enjoy for daily meal:

  • Frozen fruits. Every fruits taste better when they are frozen. Fruits such as cherries, grapes, mixed berries and apples are great when enjoyed frozen. You can also use frozen fruits as healthier toppings for yogurt than sweet chocolate or syrup.
  • Mixed nuts (unsalted, not fried). Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts and chestnuts are great as light, easy snacks. They are also good protein sources, and you can keep them in Ziploc bags or jars at home or office.
  • Homemade vegetable chips. Kale, eggplant, spinach and zucchini are great vegetables to turn into chips, to satisfy your craving for crunchy snacks. Slice them thinly and coat with thin layer of healthy oil such as canola, sunflower seed or olive oil, before baking them in baking tray.
  • Cottage cheese. This is a great snack to satisfy your craving for richly-taste snack. Add some fruit slices into the cheese for richer flavor.
  • Popcorn. This is a great popular snack that is great to satisfy your craving for “actual” snack, but enjoy it plain without butter or caramel.
  • Boiled eggs. One or two eggs are great as breakfast or healthy snack. Sprinkle a bit salt to enjoy the egg.

These snacks are great to satisfy your snack craving and reduce overeating, which is an enemy of every healthy diet. Better enjoy sensible snacks than holding yourself too hard and overeating.

Low Glycemic Index Diet Desserts

You can satisfy your sweet tooth when doing low glycemic index diet by choosing the right desserts. If you feel enjoying fruits is boring, you can make it more interesting by making chocolate dip from dark chocolate, and dip your strawberry, banana or berries in the chocolate before eating them. You can also make slightly heavy desserts such as bread pudding or rice pudding, but replace the ingredients with whole grained bread, brown rice, and other healthy substitutes. Or, you can add a little ricotta cheese on top of sliced fruits, making them “more interesting” when eaten.

Doing low glycemic index diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy your meal; you can still eat snacks and dessert foods as long as you pay attention to what you eat.

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