Tips to Choose Cereal for Healthy Breakfast

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Cereal is a super easy breakfast item, but many people now hesitate to have cereal as healthy breakfast. It is not a secret that breakfast cereal is a form of very successful marketing campaign, despite the fact that many breakfast products in the market are loaded with sugar. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy cereal as a part of healthy breakfast; you just need to know how to pick the best one.

Tips to Choose Cereal for Healthy Breakfast

Tips to Choose Cereal for Healthy Breakfast (feedingaudrey)

Tips to Choose Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Choosing a healthy cereal product can be hard; what’s with all the inviting commercials, colorful boxes, and enticing promises of nutrition intake. However, do not get swept by these temptations from commercials and ads. Here is how you can find the best cereal from nutritional point of view:

  • Make sure the cereal has only 5 grams of sugar or less per serving. Breakfast cereal is often loaded with sugar, but there are also products that only have very little sugar. If you want to sweeten your cereal, use fresh fruit slices or a bit of raisins instead. One serving portion can vary between brands, but generally, it is about ¾ to 1 cup of cereal.
  • Make sure the cereal has at least 3 grams of fiber per serving or more. Fiber is important for health, and many of us do not eat fiber as much as we need. Fiber-rich cereal usually also has lower amount of sugar, so there are double benefits for you.
  • Make sure the cereal is fortified with nutritional elements such as minerals and vitamins. After you make sure you only eat a little sugar from the cereal, extra vitamins and minerals will turn your cereal into healthy breakfast.

Finally, it is better if your cereal is whole grained or whole wheat, which is higher in fiber and other nutrition. Also, do not get tempted with colorful cereals, because cereals that use artificial coloring usually have smaller amount of nutrition such as vitamins and minerals.

Tips to Eat Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Once you get your ideal breakfast, it is important to eat it in healthy way. Here is how you can enjoy a bowl of cereal as healthy breakfast:

  • Choose low calorie, low sugar and low fat liquid to accompany your cereal. Skim milk is a great option, but you can also experiment with other liquid such as unsweetened soy milk, almond milk, or rice milk.
  • Add fresh fruits to your cereal, such as banana, strawberries, or blueberries. They give extra fiber, vitamins and minerals, and also natural sweetness to enrich the flavor.
  • Shop for cereals only when your stomach is full. Shopping with hungry stomach will tempt you to buy unhealthy option, such as colorful or sugar-loaded cereal.
  • Add protein to your breakfast by adding a boiled egg or a slice of whole wheat bread with low fat peanut butter. This will create a complete yet easy breakfast.

With these handy tips, having healthy breakfast with a bowl of cereal will not trap you into consuming too much sugar and calorie.

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