Tips for Healthy Eating at Buffet Table

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Buffet table and restaurant are very tempting but dangerous for those who are controlling their diet, especially since buffet menu is not exactly supportive for healthy eating habit. It is easy to get carried away when you are at buffet table or restaurant, especially since many people think that they must get what their money’s worth, which leads to overeating. However, you can still eat healthily at the buffet dining or restaurant, as long as you know how to control your eating and portion.

Tips for Healthy Eating at Buffet Table

Tips for Healthy Eating at Buffet Table

Healthy Eating Tips to Control Menu and Portion

Buffet table can be really tempting with huge array of foods, from carbohydrate sources to fried foods and heavy condiments. One secret of buffet table is huge amount of carbohydrates such as rice, noodles and pasta, as well as fried foods that can be prepared quickly. You may also feel “forced” to make decision quickly, which results in unwise choices when it comes to menu.

When you are at a buffet table or restaurant and must make decisions, remember these things to control your portion and menu:

• Limit your frequencies of coming back to buffet table. Twice is enough.
• Circle the buffet table once before you grab anything. This way, you can see what served and can plan quickly about what to take. Without planning, it is easier for you to grab more foods than you can eat just because you want to eat everything.
• At your first serving, make sure to fill ¾ part of the plate with healthy items, before filling the rest ¼ part of the plate with “indulgence” foods that you like. Afterwards, sit and enjoy the meal slowly to make you feel full quicker.
• After finishing your meal, drink a glass of water and sit for about 5 minutes. See if you still want to eat another portion. Usually, if you give yourself time after eating like this, you will find out that you actually feel quite full. If you still want to eat, you can grab healthy menu (the unhealthy food quota has been fulfilled in the first serving).
• Make sure to drink before, during and after a meal. Buffet dining usually serves unlimited beverage items such as iced tea or water.

Choosing the menu is also an important matter; healthy eating at buffet table can be difficult because the huge array of unhealthy foods. For common guide, avoid greasy fried foods, heavy condiments such as cream cheese and mayonnaise, fatty toppings such as fried tortilla and crouton, and butter. Limit your intake on carbohydrate sources such as bread, rice or pasta. Opt for grilled or steamed fish and chicken (no skin), broth-based soup, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Finally, eating at buffet restaurant or dining requires strong willingness, especially if you eat with friends. Company can easily influence you to eat more than you intended to. Make sure to stick with your meal planning, and do not get carried away when eating with friends. This way, you can stick with healthy eating habit, even when you are faced with menu from buffet table.

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