Skin Health Problems: What to Ask to Dermatologist

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When dealing with our skin, we often focus on how the skin looks, not the actual skin health. Our skin is the outermost protection of our body, and we need to treat it better than if we just pay attention on how it looks. A dermatologist is the best person to ask about how to keep the skin healthy, but we often forget to ask many important questions, and maybe just remember it once we walk out of the office.

Skin Health Problems What to Ask to Dermatologist

Skin Health Problems What to Ask to Dermatologist

Want to keep your skin healthy for many years to come? Do not forget to ask the right questions to the dermatologist!

Top 5 Questions about Skin Health for Dermatologist

When you schedule a meeting with dermatologist, especially for the first time, do not forget to ask these questions:

  • Can I use prescription medication with my home products?

If you need to get prescription medication for skin problem, such as severe acne, make sure you ask about the effect of the medication if used with your regular skin products. For example, if your dermatologist prescribes you a Retin-A cream, it may not work effectively if you also use benzoyl peroxide product such as OTC acne products.

  • What kind of sunscreen product must I use?

When a dermatologist checks your skin condition, he or she can suggest good sunscreen products to use. Some skin medications to treat skin health problem can also cause oversensitivity toward certain sunscreen products. Therefore, if you have certain skin condition and use certain medications, it is important to use the right sunscreen.

  • Are there any side effects? How do I deal with them?

Many medications also present side effects, and depending on your condition, they can be annoying and making you inconvenient in daily life. Make sure to ask what you should expect when using the medications, such as side effects like itchiness, redness, or skin sensitivity. Ask if there is something you can do to reduce the side effects.

  • Should I avoid waxing or facial?

In some cases of skin problem treatment, you may not be able to have procedures such as waxing, scrubbing, and facial treatment. Make sure you confirm about this before going out of the dermatologist office after a consultation. You should also ask about whether you can use certain skin products or not, such as whitening cream.

  • What is the best way to use the product?

You should ask this question not only about the medication you get, but also other products in general. Wrong way of using daily skin products such as sunscreen, moisturizer and scrub can result in skin problem. Many of them also result from misconception you probably get from random sources, such as poorly researched websites or shared posts in social media.

Dermatologist can offer the best advice to keep your skin health, and also speed up the healing process if you have skin problems. Make sure to know what important questions to ask before you actually leave the dermatologist office. Asking the right questions will help you in keeping the skin health and avoiding skin problems.

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