Signs of Teenage Acne That Require Dermatologist’s Intervention

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Teenage girls and boys share some signs of puberty, such as acne breakout now and then. Acne can appear on kids as young as 8 to 12 years old, and at teen age until early 20s. While this is a normal skin condition, sometimes there are reasons to be more cautious. Some severe acne problems require extra efforts to treat, and even a visit to dermatologist. The question is: when do teens need to visit dermatologist for their acne problems?

Signs of Teenage Acne That Require Dermatologist’s Intervention

Signs of Teenage Acne That Require Dermatologist’s Intervention

Severe Acne Problem Signs on Teenage Skin

Some acne symptoms and problems require professional intervention. Here are the main signs of serious acne problem on teenage skin that require a dermatologist’s intervention:

  • Acne keeps coming despite meticulous skincare. Teens can be a bit careless with skincare routine, but when a teen does skincare routine every day and still gets severe acne breakout, it is time to see a dermatologist, especially if the condition does not become better after weeks.
  • The acne looks inflamed, red, and painful. Acne can come in various sizes and shades, but when the acne looks blistered, red, inflamed and feel painful, regular over the counter medication may not work anymore. Such acne condition requires dermatologist’s intervention, especially if it happens for weeks or months.
  • The acne does not go away after daily treatment with over the counter products. In many cases, teens can treat their skin quite well with over the counter products or medications, especially those aimed for teenage skin. However, if the treatment does not work even after weeks of treatment, dermatologist may be required.
  • The acne leaves noticeable scar. Severe acne can leave scars, and these scars can disappear in longer time than the acne blemishes themselves. The scars can stay on the face long after the teenage years are over. Go to dermatologist as quickly as possible when there are scars after acne breakout.

Acne on teenage skin is a normal skin condition, but there are many reasons to meet a dermatologist if the acne does not go away after a while, and the reasons are more than just appearance or physical. Psychological problems can also arise from untreated acne breakout and the ultimate scars.

Psychological Effects of Acne on Teenage

Acne itself can be embarrassing for teenagers, but severe acne that mars the face in obvious way, or very visible acne scars that are untreated, can cause psychological problems for teens. While obsessing over appearance and look seems vain, it is just one of the phases of development all teens face. Problems such as bullying over appearance and visible scars or problems on the skin can cause withdrawal, low self confidence, and in some cases, even depression.

Parents should teach their teenage kids to have good hygiene, since many teens often neglect proper skincare routine or use beauty products with dubious ingredients. Proper skincare may reduce the severity of acne breakout, and help teenagers find self confidence when growing up and dealing with various physical changes in their body, including skin.

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