Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Spread by Skin Contact

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Safe sex is generally a go-to advice for anyone who wants to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, but unfortunately, some conditions are easier to spread. Some types of STD can spread by casual contact, from contact with the infected bodily fluid, to skin-to-skin contact. By knowing about STD types that spread in casual ways, you can plan some risk prevention steps to avoid getting infected, and reduce the possible risks of getting the disease.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Spread by Skin Contact

Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Spread by Skin Contact (allencountyhealth)

5 Sexually Transmitted Diseases That Spread Casually

There are several STD infections that you must be wary of even if you don’t do unsafe sex, because they can spread in quite casual ways, including skin contact. Here are 5 STD infections that can spread through direct contact with skin:

Pubic lice.

While pubic lice commonly spread through sexual acts, they can also spread to other people using more casual contact. They can spread through skin-to-skin contact or even contact with the clothes of the infected person, although the latter is rarer.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).

HPV is more commonly known as virus that causes genital warts. They are very easily transport through other people through skin-to-skin contact and sexual activities. Thankfully, there is now vaccine to prevent the spread of HPV, and the best way to prevent this disease is by getting HPV vaccine as adult before getting active sexually.

Oral and Genital Herpes.

This is the most common STD from skin contact that can happen very easily; in fact, many people were infected with this STD when they were little, because they got them from family members or relatives. However, herpes can also spread through contact of mouth and genitalia. There are two types of herpes, the HSV 1 and HSV 2, but HSV 1 can infect various parts of the body, while the HSV 2 usually prefers genital areas.


Syphilis is generally not easily contagious as long as people wear good condoms and limit sexual partners. However, when a person gives oral sex to someone with the disease, and there is sore or open wound in the mouth, the person can get infected with syphilis. Open sore or wounds in the mouth are often hard to detect, and this can increase the risk of syphilis because people unknowingly infect themselves.

Molluscum contagiusum.

This is a type of bacterial infection that can spread through several ways, but among them are through sexual act and skin contact.  The infection shows in the form of sores, which are painful but can break and release pus that can spread the bacteria through touch.

In the end, it is harder to prevent STD that spreads through touch than through bodily fluid, especially if casual touch is enough to spread the STD. However, we can still do a lot of things to prevent the spread of various STDs. Practicing safe sex, using condom, limiting sexual partners and knowing their sexual history, washing hands regularly, and keeping good personal hygiene are ways to prevent various health conditions, including Sexually Transmitted Diseases that spread through touch.


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