Mediterranean Diet Benefits to Keep Your Brain Healthy

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Among various diet types that have been made famous, Mediterranean diet is probably one of the most-used or “shared” in the internet. This is not a self-starving diet that makes you ill, and it involves lots of fresh foods and spices in your meals, which is always a good thing. Furthermore, this diet can also improve cognition function, and in some ways, even reduce risks of dementia and Alzheimer.

Mediterranean Diet Benefits to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Mediterranean Diet Benefits to Keep Your Brain Healthy (mamabee)

Mediterranean Diet Benefits for Cognitive

A good, healthy diet is not just about weight loss, but also of other health factors, including your mental aspect. Here are some great benefits you can get for your brain if you regularly eat Mediterranean diet:

  • Reducing risks in Alzheimer and dementia. While the available results are still not conclusive about the actual work of the nutrition in the foods, the combination between colorful fruits, veggies, lentils and soy make your brain improves when you get older.
  • Preventing progression to the later stages of dementia and Alzheimer. If you already experience small symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer, committing to Mediterranean diet is one of the best meal traditions because you get the necessary nutrition to feed the brain.
  • Getting better cognitive functions. A study published by the Journal of Nutrition stated that consuming Mediterranean diet is a great way to keep your cognitive functioning intact, and even improving. While you will still experience some degrees of cognitive decline during your older years, the process can be amazingly slowed with Mediterranean diet.

Aside from the obvious benefits for the brain, Mediterranean diet is definitely a good way to jump-start your brain ability when you get older. Also, you will get other health benefits from various local ingredients.

What to Eat in Mediterranean Diet Schedule

Sp, what do you have to eat? Basically, Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle copied from people in Southern Europe such as Spain or Greek. A healthy diet for healthy brain and body, this diet consists of fresh foods and ingredients, such as:

  • Vegetables: all colorful vegetables; the more varied the colors, the better. Eat things like red cabbage, white cabbage, carrot, corns, spinach, tomatoes, bell pepper, capers, and many more.
  • Fruits: any fruits you like, but make sure they are colorful and you eating them every day. Apples, oranges, watermelons, various berries, bananas and grapes are great fruits to be involved in Mediterranean Diet.
  • Seeds, buts and whole grains: whole grained pasta or rice, rye bread, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and many more.
  • Dairy products: Greek yogurt, goat cheese, kefir.
  • Animal-based proteins: poultry, beef, shellfish, sea fish. Cut back the red meat a little bit.
  • Plant-based proteins: mushrooms, lentils, eggplants.
  • Spices: chili pepper, garlic, onion, sage, bay leaves, mint, oregano, cilantro, thyme, rosemary.

While Mediterranean diet involves almost complete food groups, you are advised to consume less red meat and more seafood or plant-based proteins. Having this eating style will not invite a magic cure for various conditions, but Mediterranean diet is definitely a great diet for more balanced lifestyle and healthier brain.

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