Important Things to Avoid by Pregnant Women

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Actually, when you consult the obstetricians, they will not give you many strict rules on what you need to avoid during the pregnancy. However, even in the modern society, some beliefs prevail on things to avoid by pregnant women. Avoiding alcohol, cigarette, and drugs is an absolute thing to do, since they lead to terrible effects on both the mom and the baby-to-be.

Things to avoid by pregnant women (360healthnow)

Things to avoid by pregnant women (360healthnow)

You certainly want the best things for your baby, right? There are several things to avoid by pregnant women to promote healthy growth and development of your baby. You may need to continue abstaining from them until lactating period.

3 Things to Avoid by Pregnant Women

Avoid Eating Certain Foods

Certain foods may lead to adversary effects on your pregnancy. They include raw meat and uncooked fish such as oysters, clams, beef, mussels, and poultry. Uncooked meat and fish may contain salmonella or toxoplasmosis. You also need to avoid raw eggs, which may be contaminated by salmonella. Besides raw foods, you need to avoid smoked meat and seafood, since they may be contaminated with listeria. Soft cheese and unpasteurized dairy foods are additional things to avoid by pregnant women, since it is very likely that they are contaminated by listeria.

So, what foods are recommended for you? Lean proteins, healthy fats, fresh vegetables and fruits are good for you and your baby. They are the keys to balanced diet, since fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals, which are important for the baby and the mom.

Avoid Excessive Caffeine Intake

Caffeine works as a stimulant as well as a diuretics. Taking much caffeine means that you will urinate more frequently. In additions, drinking few cups of coffee or tea every day may lead to elevated heart rate and increased blood pressure. More importantly, caffeine may cross the placenta; this means that it directly affects your baby too. Caffeine may influence the developing metabolism of your baby.

Avoid Exposure to Cigarette Smoke

Smoking is dangerous for a pregnant woman. The same thing applies to secondhand smoke. Therefore, a pregnant woman should stay a way from other people who smoke. Research found that secondhand smoke contains more than 4.000 chemicals, which may harm your growing baby. Exposure to secondhand smoke may lead to the following risks, such as miscarriage, low birth weight, sudden infant death syndrome, premature delivery, and behavioral issues later in the baby’s life.

Other Things to Avoid by Pregnant Women

Besides three things mentioned above, there are some other things to avoid by pregnant women. They include the following:

  • Avoid wearing stilettos, as they may be unsteady on your feet. Opt for wedges, flat shoes, or kitten heels instead;
  • Avoid painting the baby’s room or nursery, as this may lead to paint toxicity due to the solvents and chemicals inside.
  • Avoid taking certain medications, particularly over the counter (OTC) medications or supplements, unless they are prescribed by your doctor;
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, such as wide, liquor, or bear, since it may harm your developing baby.
  • Avoid standing or sitting too long

Those are some important things to avoid by pregnant women to ensure your safety and that of your baby.

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