How to Solve Itchy and Chapped Skin during Winter Time

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Before winter, we usually see a lot of warnings about winter skin problem and the related skincare management.  People with dry skin usually also prepare for harsh weather that will wreak havoc on their skin. However, what if you already experience the skin problem? How do you solve the problem and return the skin condition back to normal?

When your skin already dries and flaky during winter, it is time to solve the problem to the core. Here is how you can solve the dry, flaky, itchy skin when cold weather comes.

How to Solve Itchy and Chapped Skin during Winter Time

How to Solve Itchy and Chapped Skin during Winter Time (widelore)

Skin Problem Treatment during Cold Weather

Generally, there are two points of dry skin treatment during winter: covering up well and keeping the skin’s natural moisture intact. Cold, dry wind can make your uncovered skin and lips dry, chapped or flaky. Also, when you let the skin’s natural moisture leaves, you will be faced with constantly itchy and flaky skin surface, which can be very irritating. Also, sun can cause dry, chapped and itchy skin, which is something that some people may not realize due to cold weather.

When your skin already experiences the unpleasant symptoms during winter, here is what you can do to return its condition to normal:

Use thick ointment or healing chapstick.

If your skin is dry and chapped already, invest in chapstick that has special healing formula, or special lip ointment. Use his product often, and if possible, find one that has sun protection factor. You can use petroleum jelly or lip butter when you are at home (lip butter contains emollients that can be more moisturizing than regular chapstick).

Protect skin from sunray.

Make sure all of your products contain proper SPF. Sunray can make your skin dry and irritated during winter, and depending on how long you stay outside, you better apply it the right way. Choose product that has minimum 15 SPF, and apply it 20 minutes before going out so it can have time to be absorbed by the skin.

Always have a bottle of moisturizer handy.

Cold wind makes the skin dry and itchy because it takes away water content from your skin. Applying moisturizer frequently is how you treat and prevent skin problem during winter, and if necessary, you have to apply it several times in a day. When your skin is flaky, chapped and itchy, you can provide body butter to use when you are at home, and moisturizer with SPF when you are outside.

Use moisturizer after bath.

Using moisturizer after bath is useful to keep the skin’s natural water content stays. This is great if your dry skin tend to get dry and itchy after bath, especially hot bath. Also, use emollient-rich liquid wash for skin and body to moisturize it better.

Keep your hands from picking off the flakes.

If your skin is flaky because it gets dry, do not pick off the flakes. It can irritate the skin and harm it instead of keeping its condition healthy. Plus, this act can cause rashes.

Finally, make sure all your household products such as detergent and hand wash do not contain irritant such as fragrance, in order to avoid skin problem during winter.


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