How to Handle Acne Problem in Different Life Stages

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We often associate certain skin condition with certain age, such as acne problem with teenage years. However, acne is something that can happen at various life stages, from infancy to adult. Handling acne in different life stages requires different methods, since kids, teens and adults have different skin conditions and reactions toward acne products.

How to Handle Acne Problem in Different Life Stages

How to Handle Acne Problem in Different Life Stages (mirror)

Acne Problem in Infancy and Childhood

Babies can develop acne on several areas such as forehead, back and cheeks during the first six weeks after birth, and the first few months in their life. The acne can appear as small red specks or pimples, but in the majority of cases, they usually disappear on their own. However, infancy and childhood acne sometimes can appear as nodules or pustules, which can be painful for babies and kids.

Keeping the cleanliness of your babies and kids are usually enough to keep them away from acne problem, but if the problem persists or if you are not sure about the exact nature of the nodules and pimples that appear on kid’s or baby’s skin, go to the pediatrician.

Acne Problem in Teens

Teen is an age where acne is common, and teen acne usually does appear to signify puberty. Also, since teen age is the time when hormones are raging, acne becomes a common occurrence. While this is normal, acne can be very painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing for teenagers. The only way to control acne problem is by consistently keeping the skin clean. Teenagers must learn dermal hygiene early to keep acne problem into minimum level.

Besides washing face every morning and before bed with soft facial foam, teenagers can use acne treatment products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Also, if they want to put on some makeup, they can buy products that are made for sensitive skin, makeup products that are produced as parts of anti acne products, or products that are specially formulated for teenager’s skin. This is usually enough to treat common acne problems. However, if the acne problems cause pustules, nodules, or painful pimples, it is better to see a dermatologist.

Acne Problem in Adults

Adults also experience acne, but with slightly different level than teen acne. Adult acne is also caused by hormones, and it is usually more prevalent on women, especially near menstruation period or menopause (because of hormonal activities). However, acne can also happen because of poor dermal hygiene, and it can happen on areas beside face, such as the chest and back.

When an adult suffers from acne, the product that she uses during teenage years may not work as well. If the acne is mild enough, simple acne cream from drugstore and mild, specially-formulated facial foam (such as the one with anti-acne label) may work. However, if the acne is severe and causing discomfort, or if the acne is inflamed or containing pus, this is a condition that needs to be checked by dermatologist. Adults may need combination between prescription cream and oral medication to combat acne.

Whether it is infancy, kid, teen or adult acne, acne problem is something that needs to be addressed with the right solution based on age.

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