How to Choose the Right Type of Facial Cleanser

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Choosing facial products seem like an easy task, but there are no skin cleanser products that are created equally. Nowadays, there are tons of options with different formula for different types of skin, so choosing the right one is important to keep your skin healthy. It is even more important if you have sensitive skin or skin problems, since the wrong type of cleanser will cause more problems. Make sure you know what product to choose for your own skin’s health.

How to Choose the Right Type of Facial Cleanser

How to Choose the Right Type of Facial Cleanser (livebuilding)

Breaking Down Skin Cleanser Options

Generally, facial cleanser is made with milder formula than body cleanser, so you are advised to always use facial products instead of regular body wash or soap to clean your face. There are three common types of facial cleanser that you can find in the market, which are:

  • Foaming facial cleanser.

This is the most common type skin cleanser, which often comes in gel-like, lotion-like, or cream-like consistency and creates foam when you lather it. Many people love the sensation of having lathery products on their skin, so this product is easy to find.

  • Non-foaming facial cleanser.

This type of skin cleanser often comes in cream, lotion, or toner form, and it is usually applied with cotton. These products don’t need water to apply, and they are great for heavy-duty cleansing action, such as wiping thick makeup layer form your face. Some of these products are made for sensitive areas such as lips and eyes, so they can be used to wipe off lipstick and mascara perfectly.

  • Scrub facial cleanser.

This product has really taken off since the early 2000s, when skincare manufacturers started to promote “better cleansing action” by putting scrubbing materials in the cleanser. The scrubbing particles can be made of various materials, from calcium carbonate and aluminum oxide, to silica beads and even ground seeds.

You are probably already familiar with these products, but how to choose the best one for you?

Tips to Choose Skin Cleanser Products

Here are some considerations about the three products before you choose one:

  • Foam cleanser gives pleasant sensation, and can clean deeper into the pores. Many of these products are also mild. However, if you clean your face sloppily, you may leave some dirt inside the pores. Plus, it is usually unable to clean heavy layer of makeup. Some products that promote quick cleansing quality can also dry out your skin.
  • Non-foam cleanser can do heavy-duty cleansing, such as makeup layer. The product doesn’t require water for application. However, if you leave the product residue on your skin, it can block the pores instead and cause acne. Also, if your face is super oily, it is not an ideal cleanser type.
  • Scrub facial cleanser can do deep cleansing. However, it can be rough on the skin and causes dryness or even irritation. Facial cleanser with silica beads as the abrasive materials is also thought as the pollution source, since silica beads cannot be destroyed.

Ideally, you should have one non-foam cleanser and foam cleanser, and use foam cleanser for daily use. You use non-foam cleanser first to do heavy duty cleansing before continue with foam cleanser. If possible, avoid scrub facial cleanser, since using it too often can lead to irritation.

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