Healthy Foods to Stock If You Have High Cholesterol

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Having healthy level of cholesterols is important, and the way to keep them in good level is by consuming healthy foods. However, if you are diagnosed with high cholesterol level, you will need to regulate your meal even stricter. Despite the abundant amounts of diets to reduce cholesterol level, basically there are no exact “best methods” to lower cholesterol, because each person has different conditions and need to adjust in different ways.

Nevertheless, there are certain foods that you should stock up at home if you need to do low cholesterol diet. Whether you need a quick meal or want to cook something more complicated, having certain healthy foods at home will help you maintaining low cholesterol diet.

Healthy Foods to Stock If You Have High Cholesterol

Healthy Foods to Stock If You Have High Cholesterol (

Healthy Foods with Low Cholesterol Level

Here are foods you must always have at home in order to maintain healthy eating habit:

Fresh vegetables and fruits.

These foods are nutritious but low in fat and calorie, so you can always have lots of them in your fridge. Fresh fruits and vegetables give you fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; the more colorful of them, the better. Plus, they also contain phytosterols, which can lower the lipid a little. Fruits and vegetables must take up half of your meal serving.


Foods made of refined flour are big no for people with high cholesterol level, but whole grain and whole wheat foods are okay. They contain vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and fiber that you need to maintain health without increasing cholesterol level. Whole grain bread, muesli and oats are great to add energy and fiber into your daily meal.


You need lots of fiber in healthy eating for high cholesterol, and legumes provide extra fiber plus many more. Legumes contain proteins, minerals and vitamins, but also low in fat and calorie. Legumes are also great if you are vegetarian who don’t want to suffer from protein deficiency. Legumes such as lentils, various beans and chickpeas are very versatile, and can be included in various foods, breakfasts, even desserts.

Lean meat.

Lean meat is a good source in protein, vitamin, iron and other nutrients, but low in saturated fat. Instead of pork or beef, try fish, skinless chicken, skinless turkey, or game meat. They are great to give varieties in your diet, and also provide energy as well as other important nutrients to support various bodily functions. You must avoid fatty red meat and processed meat such as bologna, sausage or canned meat.

Some people avoid dairy products and nuts at all when they are diagnosed with high cholesterol level, but these foods are actually good for healthy diet, as long as you control the portion and choose the right type to consume. For example, instead of full cream milk and butter, choose Greek yogurt that contains probiotic for digestive health. Instead of sugared, fried peanuts, fry a handful of almonds with a little olive oil, and make them healthy, nutritious, fulfilling snack.

Choosing the right healthy foods when diagnosed with high cholesterol level can be tricky, but if you pick the right ones, you can enjoy good meal without worrying about your cholesterol.

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