Healthy Food Substitutes to Prepare in Your Kitchen

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One problem when you are trying to eat healthily is this: healthy food often does not taste as good as foods you usually enjoy. Whether you try to control weight, or avoid allergens, or have some sort of food intolerance, you probably complain at some point that you cannot enjoy good foods. Fortunately, you can still enjoy your favorite flavors and taste by buying food substitutes. This means you buy and consume foods that have similar taste and texture with the foods they substitute, but with lower amount of sugar or trans-fat. Furthermore, if you are allergic to certain foods, healthy food substitutes can be your savior.

Healthy Food Substitutes to Prepare in Your Kitchen

Healthy Food Substitutes to Prepare in Your Kitchen (youtube)

Popular Healthy Food Substitutes to Buy

There are many types of healthy food that can substitute common ingredients without making you losing the iconic flavor, taste and texture. Here are common healthy food substitutes that you should consider when shopping:

  • Milk substitutes.

Milk substitutes are very common among vegetarians, people who have lactose intolerance, or those with milk allergy. If you still want to enjoy milk without drinking animal-based milk, you can enjoy soy milk, almond milk, or rice milk.

  • Butter substitutes.

Butter is made from cow’s milk, which is a common allergen or source of lactose intolerance. If you want to avoid butter for whatever reason, you can try margarine (made of vegetable oil), or shortening (often made of palm or vegetable oil). Make sure you check the label to see if the margarine contains a bit of dairy. If you buy palm oil-based products, make sure the brand supports sustainable palm oil harvesting. Also, some margarine is great for baking, while others are more suitable for bread spread and the like.

  • Pasta substitutes.

There are two reasons why people look for pasta substitutes: they want to avoid the eggs inside the mix, or because they have gluten intolerance. You can do it by finding dried pasta that only contains water and semolina, or non-wheat pasta such as rice pasta, bean pasta, and quinoa pasta. Many flat pasta types such as fettuccini contain no eggs, but you should make sure about it by reading the labels.

  • Soy sauce substitutes.

Soy sauce may seem like a perfect part of healthy food, but if you are allergic to soy, of course you cannot enjoy it. If you only need soy sauce for dips, you can find other great alternatives that can give the same tart flavor. However, if you need soy sauce for cooking, try replacing it with fish sauce such as Thailand’s nam pla.

  • Cream substitutes.

Cream is used in many recipes, especially if you bake or cook thick soup and sauce. To avoid trans-fat in cream, or if you cannot consume dairy, you can replace it with melted margarine, coconut milk, or unsweetened soy milk that is added with a bit soy milk powder.

  • Ice cream substitutes.

If ice cream is your favorite, but you want to avoid trans-fat in it, try healthy food substitutes for desserts such as frozen yogurt, granitas, and sorbet. They present the same sweet, refreshing taste with ice cream, and are also ideal for those who want to avoid dairy.

Make sure that you check the labels of these healthy food substitutes, so you can make sure that they do not contain ingredients you are trying to avoid.

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