Healthy Eating Tips When You Are in a Hurry

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Modern era has made many of use to live busy life, and it impacts healthy eating habit. Many of us are so engrossed in our activities that we can only have time for quick bite. We rely on practical fast foods, fried foods, or hurriedly-prepared foods that have lost much of their nutrient. Or, we opt to eat at restaurants, which can lead to overconsumption in high calorie foods (often with large portions too). If you keep this up, you will develop bad eating habits, and finally get low health rate score when you get older.

Healthy Eating Tips When You Are in a Hurry

Healthy Eating Tips When You Are in a Hurry (popsugar)

Healthy Eating on Busy Days

While it is true that we cannot escape our activities, it doesn’t mean that you cannot eat healthy foods and choose healthier eating habits. Even when you are very busy, there are still ways to choose healthier food options. Here are some tips you can try for healthy eating:

Choose your restaurant carefully.

For the busy type who often stops by at restaurant for lunch, make sure to choose places that serve healthy items. For example, restaurants with menu such as grilled chicken, fish and salad are definitely better than the ones that serve greasy burger, fried bacons and fries. If the portion is huge, don’t eat all of the food. Opt for take away or simply ask for half portion when ordering.

Prepare healthy treats in advance.

When we are busy, we love having some small treats between meals. Avoid sugary or salty snacks from vending machines and stock your own healthy treats in the car, office desk drawer, or your bag. Granola bar, dark chocolate, low sugar wheat cookies, dried fruits and unsalted peanuts are great small treats that are healthier than vending machine snacks.

Keep ingredients to make quick healthy foods.

If you are busy and need to grab something fast, you can have healthier options with foods that you buy and make yourself. Stock ingredients like whole wheat bread, turkey slices, lettuce, tomatoes, low fat cheese, yogurt, frozen fruits, salad pack, and eggs for quick, healthy foods.

Prepare foods in advance.

If you want to eat healthy every day by cooking, you need to prepare the menu and ingredients in advance. Plan your menu for a week, shop for the groceries during weekend, and cut up the ingredients and store them in plastic boxes before storing them in the freezer. You can use little time you have after work to cut some vegetables and fruits, for example. Or, you can cook small portions of foods in the morning, and heat them for dinner when you get back.

Reduce alcohol consumption.

Drinking one or two beer or wine after work sounds like a treat, but alcohol is a high-calorie beverage that can add up to daily calorie intake. Make alcohol special drink on weekend or for special occasion, if possible.

Even if you are super busy and need a lot of practical food options, healthy eating habits and options can help you stay in good condition.

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