Healthy Drinking You Will Need Instead of Soda and Alcohol

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As you know that health has become the late issue in the world since there aren’t many people who are concerned about their health. For some people, having party is good to release the stress but it will be good if you can choose healthy drinking while throwing party so you can enjoy the beverage well without gaining weight or getting sick by the unhealthy ones.

Healthy Drinking You Will Need Instead of Soda and Alcohol

Healthy Drinking You Will Need Instead of Soda and Alcohol (dailymail)

 Healthy Drinking For Your Healthy Party

Party is not only identical with alcohol and sodas since you can replace it with many healthy liquid with lots of nutrients without gaining weight and disease as the following:

  • Green tea

When you need to choose the healthy drinking at parties, try to replace the usual beverages with green tea. As you know that green tea has lots of nutrients and antioxidant that will be great for your health. Green tea can prevent you from many harmful diseases such as heart attack, cavities, cancer and osteoporosis. It contains lots of flavonoids and also polyphenols that reduce the growth of cancer cells inside your body. It will neutralize the free radicals in your body so your immune system will be protected fully.

  • Mint tea

Who says if healthy drinking at parties is boring if you can replace it with tasty beverage that contains lots of nutrients inside? Mint tea is another beverage you can consume since it contains fibers that will help your digestive system and release the stress of your mind so you may gain relaxing brain. It can relax your muscles as well as your aches. The aroma will give you fresh mood so you may gain health.

  • Less fat milk

Instead of choosing the full fat milk for your healthy drinking at parties, it is better for you to have less fat milk that can strengthen your bones from osteoporosis. Besides rich of Vitamin D, milk contains several beneficial vitamins and minerals that will help your body to move freely because you have strong bones and muscles. Your bones can absorb much calcium and storing fat inside your body.

  • Soy milk

If you can’t drink usual milk since you have an allergic to it, then you can replace your healthy drinking at parties with soy milk. Soy contains fibers and good protein that will reduce the cholesterol levels that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Soy milk can prevent you from cancer since it has phytoestrogens that will remove the growth of cancer cells. But you don’t need to worry since it also contains high calcium similar with cow milk and Vitamin A.

  • Hot chocolate

Perhaps you may think that chocolate can increase your weight since it contains lots of fats, calories and sugar. But the studies showed that pure dark chocolate can reduce weight and prevent some risks of diseases. It will increase the neurotransmitter serotonin that will stabilize your mood. That’s why many people loves drinking it when they are in a bad mood. Also, cocoa has polyphenol and antioxidant that will protect your cells from damage, reduce the cholesterol levels, and heart attack.

Hope this information about healthy drinking will help you in choosing for the best beverage you will need if you are throwing party so you can enjoy it without worry about your health.

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