Facts about Carbonated Water and Weight Loss Attempt

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When it comes to beverage and weight loss efforts, the safest way to reduce calorie and sugar from beverages is by drinking water. Plain water is hydrating, refreshing, and having no calorie and sugar. However, some people may want to spice things up a little bit by drinking carbonated water instead of the regular one. The question is: since drinking carbonated water taste like soda, is it bad for your weight loss efforts to keep taking it?

If you still want to enjoy carbonated water without ruining your diet, make sure you understand facts about this popular beverage.

Facts about Carbonated Water and Weight Loss Attempt

Facts about Carbonated Water and Weight Loss Attempt (authoritynutrition)

Carbonated Water in Weight Loss Program

Basically, carbonated water is water that has carbon dioxide put in it using pressure. When you drink it, it tastes like drinking soda without all the sugar, instead of just plain water. This means that your regular water is turned into soda using certain technical methods. This means that despite tasting like soda, carbonated water is basically just water with bubbles. Or is it the case? Thanks to the popularity of beverage, there are now many types of carbonated water you can find in a supermarket.

There are various carbonated water brands in the market, and not at all offer the similar “this-is-just-soda-water” brand. Manufacturers are known to read trend in the market, and this has made the emergence of various carbonated water brands with additional ingredients. While it is true that carbonated water is just “water that fizzes,” you probably want to check the ingredients in many brands, because some of them may contain ingredients that do not go well with your weight loss program.

Here are common types of carbonated water:


This is a popular type of carbonated water because it does not contain any sugar of flavoring, just water and fizz, so you can feel safe consuming it when dieting. Adding bubbles to regular water can make drinking experience more fun, and reduce boredom because you have to drink water much. Weight loss and carbonated water can go hand in hand with this water.

Club soda.

This beverage is similar with seltzer and often has clear color, but the different is: club soda has added sodium such as potassium bicarbonate or table salt. This water is usually used as added ingredient for beverages.

Flavored carbonated water.

Many types of carbonated water are actually made with flavorings, and it is stated explicitly on the package, although they are not the same with actual soda beverages. Flavored carbonated/sparkling water often has additional coloring agents as well as flavoring. Additional ingredients in this product can include so much sugar, citric acid, sodium, and coloring. While this water sounds a bit better than actual soda, this still means additional sugar, sodium and calorie for your body.

Tonic water.

Tonic water is similar with flavored carbonated water, but the sugar in tonic water may be a bit lower. Tonic is often used to mix alcoholic drinks or punch. Nevertheless, this is not a healthy choice for those in weight loss program.

In short, carbonated water is a fine choice in weight loss program, but you must read the labels and ingredients before buying to make sure there are no unhealthy added ingredients.

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