Eye Cancer Signs and Symptoms You Need to Know

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Eyes are important organs that we must take care of at any age, so having eye cancer will bring great deal of life obstacles. Both adults and children can experience eye cancer, which will cause pain and even permanent sight loss. The most common type of cancer that attacks adults is ocular melanoma, while children are usually affected by a condition called retinoblastina. These conditions have symptoms that start subtle, but later will develop into cancer if you don’t pay enough attention.

Eye Cancer Signs and Symptoms You Need to Know

Eye Cancer Signs and Symptoms You Need to Know (youtube)

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Cancer

There are many types of eye cancer symptoms that can happen, but in many cases, the signs usually consist of abnormal conditions, colors of shapes in your eye area. In ocular melanoma, the cancerous cells usually affect areas such as sclera (the white part of the eye), uvea (vascular layer between the retinas), and tissue layer at the back of your eyeballs. The cancerous cells may start spreading from the front of back, and even in the eyelids, but the common symptoms usually consist of:

  • Bulging eye look, which can be very obvious especially if the cancer starts in one of the eyes (the eyes may look asymmetrical).
  • Dark spots or color changing in your iris. The eyes may also look constantly red, no matter how much eye drops you apply on the eyeballs.
  • Constantly itchy and pained eyes, even if you already rest your eyes from activities such as looking at computer or phone screens.
  • Blurred vision in one or both eyes (usually starts in one of the eyes), and constantly seeing floating “spots” in your vision.

If the eye cancer already reaches the late stage, the symptom often consists of peripheral vision loss. The best way to avoid the worst is by noticing the symptoms early, which can only be done if you visit the ophthalmologist. Once you experience the subtler symptoms often, you better see the doctor just in case.

Eye Cancer Signs in Children

Retinoblastina is the most common eye cancer type that happens to children, and its symptoms are a little different from ocular melanoma in adults. This cancer type is often diagnosed on children as young as 2 years old. Here are common eye cancer signs in children you need to know:

  • Crossed eyes (misaligned eyes) that make the eyes look mismatched.
  • Constant pain in the eyes caused by glaucoma forming.
  • The pupils may show different colors.
  • The “cat’s eye” look, in which the eyes look shining in the dark like cat’s eyes.

Signs of retinoblastina in children’s eyes may also appear in their photographs, especially if the camera uses flash. In the pictures, you may see that children with eye cancer signs in their eyes show one eye with white pupil.

There should be no compromise about the condition of your eyes. If you notice the signs of eye cancer, or unusual things in your kid’s eyes, don’t hesitate to go to the doctor immediately. Quick diagnosis is the key to cure eye cancer quickly with almost 100 percent recuperation rate.

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