Eating for Diabetes: Plating Method to Get Perfect Portion

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Managing portion is one of the most important things to do when you are eating for diabetes treatment. If you are used to eat without thinking about the portion, getting discipline about how much you eat can be difficult. However, there is easy method to practice portion control, which you can practice anywhere. Even if it sounds simple, portion control can help managing how much carbohydrate, sugar and nutrition that come into your body.

Eating for Diabetes Plating Method to Get Perfect Portion

Eating for Diabetes Plating Method to Get Perfect Portion (

Using this handy guide from American Diabetes Association, you can regulate your portion in each meal, and consume well-controlled intake of foods. Despite not as accurate as carb counting, this portion method will help you with diabetes management strategy.

Eating for Diabetes: Steps in Plating Method

This plating method can be applied using standard dining plate, preferably the one that has 9-inch diameter. Once you get the plate, here are steps in creating ideal eating portion for your diabetes management:

  • Divide the plate in half (imagine doing it before taking any foods in front of you).
  • Fill one half of that plate with non-starchy vegetables, which are recommended for all people with diabetes. The more colorful the vegetables, the better, since they contain more nutrients. Samples of non-starchy vegetables are: broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, and peppers. The veggies can be in the form of fresh salad (no dressing), but they can also be in the form of stir-fry or grilled vegetables.
  • Move on to the other half. Divide this part again. In one quarter, you can place a lean protein source, such as eggs, tofu, lean beef, skinless chicken or turkey, or fish. For animal-based protein such as lean beef, chicken or fish, ideally it should be around 3 oz. The protein sources must be cooked in healthy way, such as grilled, baked, roasted, steamed, or seared with little oil.
  • Finally, fill the final quarter part of the plate with carbohydrate. However, remember that some types of carbohydrate sources may have higher carb level than others, so mind your final part of the portion. Also, you should pick complex carbohydrate sources that contain a lot of fiber. Ideal options include whole wheat bread, baked potatoes, corn, brown rice, homemade tortilla, oatmeal, or beans.

This eating portion for diabetes may not always work as well as carbohydrate counting and other food management methods, but this is a good quick method that you can try anywhere. Also, if you are still new in healthy eating style, you can use this method as a way to regulate your eating habit better.

Tips for Plating Method for Diabetes

The most important thing to have in this plating method is self-control, so you must commit in eating only what’s on your plate, and nothing more. To prevent hunger pang between mealtimes, make sure you eat regularly, and drink much water in-between mealtimes. Also, enjoy every bite and chew until the last part; it is good to make you full faster and have better control when eating for diabetes treatment.

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