Dry Skin Treatment Tips for Winter Season

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Dry skin is one of the most common problems during winter, so special skin treatment is very important. Those who live in four-season countries will understand how it feels; the skin turns flaky, itchy, rough, chapped, and even shows fine lines around lips and eyes. People with originally dry or sensitive skin even experience more severe problems, such as redness, rash, and itchiness. Your lips can also suffer from cold, dry season; they can be chapped, flaky, and even itchy.

Dry Skin Treatment Tips for Winter Season

Dry Skin Treatment Tips for Winter Season (shes.pk)

Since winter comes in just a few months, you should prepare good dry skin treatment in order to protect your skin from the element. Learn what you can do to keep the skin stays supple and healthy.

Keeping Dry Skin Moisturized during Winter Season

Cold, dry weather that is so common in winter causes the loss of skin’s natural moisture. There are two keys to protect your skin during winter: keeping it covered with product, and making sure it is moisturized well. Here are some practical tips you can do during winter to keep the skin healthy, soft, and moisturized:

Protect as much skin as possible outside.

Even if the weather is not so cold, protecting skin and lips from cold air is important. You can do this by using good lip balm or chaps-stick to coat your lips, and apply body butter after taking shower or before bed. You can also apply petroleum jelly on lips if they tend to be dry.

Choose moisturizing products with sunscreen.

You probably think that you don’t need sunscreen during winter. However, if you are involved in outdoor sports during winter, of if you need to be outside often, it is good to have moisturizer with sunscreen, because sunray can cause your skin to dry out.

Apply moisturizer as often as possible.

The main function of moisturizer is not actually moisturizing skin, but keeping the water content in the skin from evaporates because of dry air. Dry skin treatment for winter requires frequent application of moisturizing product on skin, which means you cannot wait until the skin gets dried before applying the product.

Pick products with extra moisturizer.

Even if you don’t have naturally dry skin, it is a good idea to stock up super moisturizing product for winter preparation. You should look for products that contain, for example, olive oil, vitamin E, milk, yogurt, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and such.

Aside from keeping your skin moisturized, you must also keep it from drying. After taking a shower or washing hands and face, immediately apply moisturizer to “lock” the extra moisture in the skin. If you don’t do too many activities, it is a good idea to reduce the use of soap in a day (for example, wash your face with just warm water every morning). Don’t forget to pick soap and facial wash that have mild formula. With this special skin treatment and using special products, you can keep your skin soft and healthy even during the harshest winter.

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