Diabetes Diet: Quick Low-Sugar Recipes for Busy People

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People with diabetes must make various adjustments in daily life, including diabetes diet. If you have diabetes and are very busy, preparing quick meal may be a nightmare, since most meals that can be prepared quickly are either low in nutrition or having high level of sugar and calorie. Thankfully, now there are various alternatives to make quick lunch or dinner that is delicious, nutritious, and perfect for diabetic people as well.

Diabetes Diet Quick Low-Sugar Recipes for Busy People

Diabetes Diet Quick Low-Sugar Recipes for Busy People (rd.com)

Diabetes Diet Recipes for Quick Meal

Do you need quick lunch or dinner but still want to keep it healthy? Here are some low-sugar recipes you can immediately try:

Spinach salad with tuna.

Spinach is a great ingredient for diabetes-friendly salad, since it is nutritious and not starchy. Tuna contains lean protein and Omega 3, which are fatty acids that can reduce the risk of heart disease. Simply cut spinach, cucumbers and carrots for one portion. Cut the lightly-seared tuna and mix it with hummus instead of mayonnaise. Mix the ingredients together and throw in some beans for healthy carbohydrates.  For canned variants, try water-based canned tuna, and wash the beans before you mix them with the salad.

Roasted turkey sandwich and sweet potato.

Turkey breast and sweet potato can be great alternatives for bacon sandwich and potato fries. You can roast the sweet potato by cutting it into thin slices and smear olive oil on each slice before roasting them in the oven. If you want more substantial cuts and less oil, steam or boil the sweet potato. Add some steamed broccoli or raw tomato and carrot slices, and you are good to go.

Leftover turkey sandwich.

Sandwiches can be perfect low-sugar foods for diabetes. If you make the previous turkey recipe, use the leftovers to make quick sandwich. Sauté some spinach for fiber, and put the green leafy veggies on whole wheat bread. Add the turkey leftovers on top. If you still have the sweet potato, fry them on the oven with the previously described method, to replace deep-fried potato fries.

Vegetable quinoa with goat cheese.

Cooked quinoa is quick, fulfilling, and very versatile dish. It is also rich in protein and fiber, but very low in calorie. Plus, it has lower starches than other common carbohydrate sources such as wheat and rice. Simply cook one portion of quinoa and add chopped carrots and tomatoes, seared spinach, diced turkey breast (it can be from your leftover dish), and some crumbled goat or feta cheese.

Roasted veggie wrap.

A wrap is practical, fulfilling, and can be filled with various ingredients. A healthy wrap lunch for diabetes diet can consist of whole grain/whole wheat wrap, grilled zucchinis or eggplants, seared onions, and lettuce. You can also add crumbled feta cheese or leftover turkey/chicken cuts for extra protein.

Seared veggies on brown rice.

Cut veggies can be seared quickly and put on top of brown rice for quick, fulfilling dish. If you cut the vegetables into small cuts, you can quickly stir-fry them in minutes. Carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and onions make really good stir-fried dish, especially if you add some proteins such as cut tofu, chicken, or prawn. You can add spices like chili pepper or black pepper for flavor.

With these quick meal recipes, your diabetes diet will be easier without neglecting the flavor aspect.

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