Breast Cancer Consultation Guide: How to Feel Comfortable at Waiting Room

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Whether you are a patient or companion of a sick person, every woman who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer will feel nervous, apprehensive and uncomfortable when visiting oncology clinic for the first time. While it is natural for feeling distraught, facing the first meeting with an oncologist after breast cancer diagnosis will help you to make the best decision and understand what the doctor will have to say.

Breast Cancer Consultation Guide

Breast Cancer Consultation Guide (Pbs)

A waiting room in oncology clinic is full of women who are as apprehensive as you or your loved ones. Calming your mind and being considerate can start from waiting room.

Breast Cancer Guide in Oncology Waiting Room

Breast cancer guide rarely mentions how to act in oncology waiting room, but it can be important to sort out your thoughts and start the treatment with good attitude. Here are some tips so you do not feel apprehensive, nervous, or even guilty when waiting in oncology clinic:

  • Feel free to cry. Releasing tears can be good if you find yourself in situation that makes you worry. Everyone who sits in oncology waiting room will understand such condition, so you do not have to feel guilty. Just do not bawl in loud voice; let your cry out just enough to make you feel better.
  • If you have children, let them stay at someone else’s place. An oncology clinic is a stressful place for children, and the presence of children can also make other patients stressed out, especially when they start to laugh, play around, or whine. Remember, the nurses and staff members at the clinic are not babysitters; it is better if you leave the children somewhere else before going to the clinic.
  • Wearing earphones in public is often seen as sign of indifference. However, in an oncology clinic, people are usually too nervous to start a conversation. Breast cancer patients from various stages of treatment usually are also easy to feel sick. Listening to music through earphones can be calming, and stopping other people to open a conversation with you if you are uncomfortable.
  • If you think you are going to feel hungry, bring something that will not emit odor. Women in different stages of breast cancer can easily feel sick when smelling food odor, especially if they are in chemotherapy.

By doing these simple things, you can feel better in a waiting room without feeling nervous or apprehensive, and ready to face the oncologist for the first time.

What if you need to accompany a family member or friend to breast cancer clinic? You can help them by being supportive and not indifferent. Resist the urge to shove earphones to your ear or pick up magazine, and be supportive and listen to her talking. Also, even if it is your first visit to oncology clinic, resist the urge to take a long look at other patients. Women in various stages of breast cancer may show signs such as drastic weight loss, hair loss, and other symptoms, and they can be very upset if you look at them too long.

By starting right at the oncology waiting room, breast cancer patient can feel more relaxed and ready to face the doctor.

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