Why Pilates Exercise Can Keep You Healthy and Young

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Pilates hit popularity in the 80’, but the popularity of Pilates exercise never fade, and because of good reasons. While there are many good exercises that you can do to keep your physique and mind in the top shape, Pilates has many benefits to keep you healthy and young even when you hit your middle or golden age.

Why Pilates Exercise Can Keep You Healthy and Young

Why Pilates Exercise Can Keep You Healthy and Young

Main Benefits of Pilates Exercise

Basically, doing healthy exercise regularly will keep you in good shape for a long time. However, doing Pilates regularly can give you various special benefits. Here are the results you can get from regular Pilates exercise:

  • You get full body exercise. Pilates exercise has lots of variations in movements, but all of them put emphasize on full body exercise. Pilates also favor good, stable moves combined with low repetitions over high reps, making it great for older people or people with past injuries.
  • You exercise your joints and tissues. When you get older, you can feel your joints start to get stiffer. Regular Pilates exercise help training and lubricating the joints, as well as making your tissues in various bodily organs healthy. This is great to slow down aging process and help you staying active when you get older.
  • You fix your body alignment. Our modern lifestyle (which tends to be sedentary) makes our body’s natural alignment disturbed. We often sit or drive by leaning on one side, which is bad for your back and hips. Pilates exercise for health puts emphasis on proper, stable form. If you do it regularly, you can reduce misalignment and keep your body in proper condition when you get older.
  • You breathe more oxygen. Pilates exercise is not only good for breathing, but it also refreshes your body by improving the level of oxygen that enters your body and oxygen saturation. Getting more oxygen in the body and cells means that you stay fresh for a long time and not getting tired or sluggish easily.

Pilates can be found in many health studios, and many websites and videos are available even for the most beginner students. You can practice Pilates every day for 15 to 20 minutes consistently, and see the differences after several weeks. Just remember to do all the suggested precautions to prevent injuries.

Pilates Exercise and Transition Practice

One of the most noted qualities of Pilates is its ability to smooth transition between moves, which is another key to slower aging process. In Pilates, you pay more attention to transitions from one move to another move, which later translates into your daily movements. The result is better movement transition that keeps you agile and flexible in your movements. In relation to benefits about joints and tissues, Pilates can really keep the old, fragile feeling away.

In the end, Pilates is not a magic cure of various old-age problems, but it can bring positive influences to aging process. You exercise your bones, muscles, tissues, and joints, and you can also get better physical shape when getting older. Doing routine Pilates exercise can help you keeping prime condition longer.

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