Tips for Women to Stay Healthy when Drinking

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There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, and responsible drinkers can keep their health in top condition with the right methods. While alcoholic drinks definitely can affect your system as well as having high calorie intake, you can still drink your favorite wine, beer or whisky without jeopardizing your mind and body. The key is to have your drink as carefully and considerate as possible, and this way, you can avoid being super drunk or fat because of uncontrolled intake of alcoholic drink.

Tips for Women to Stay Healthy when Drinking

Tips for Women to Stay Healthy when Drinking

Tips for Healthy Drinking

Drinking has more setbacks than just making you drunk; it actually makes you feel hungry more easily because it lowers the inhibition. Also, alcoholic drink contains high calorie, but since it is liquid calorie, it does not make you feel as full as if you actually eat solid foods. Too much alcohol can also make you addicted more easily, and if you plan to have good rest, remember that alcohol can actually affect your sleeping pattern.

Healthy drinking should be done to minimize negative effects of alcohol. Here is how you can reduce these negative effects, while still able to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage:

  • Make a strict limit for yourself regarding of drinking. Always stick to just one glass of drink, whatever the type of beverage is. Usually, the safe standard is one drink for women and two drinks for men. Add another glass of drink only if you are at very special occasion, or if the situation asks for it.
  • Eat something before you drink. Eating something light can help reducing the effect of alcohol, as well as making you feel fuller and therefore will not adding extra calorie even after drinking alcoholic beverages. Choose foods that are good for health, such as plain crackers with cheese or nuts.
  • Pick low calorie version of your favorite drink. For example, you can choose wine spritzer, light beer, or vodka that is mixed with orange or cranberry juice instead of straight-up vodka with rocks. This simple option can actually cut much inebriating effect on your mind.
  • Slow down your pace in drinking alcohol by sipping non-alcoholic drink after a glass of drink. For example, you can drink water or club soda. This can help you determining whether you actually need another glass of alcoholic drink or not. Also, if you want to drink another glass of alcoholic drink afterward, at least you can slow down the pace and think more carefully about your drinking amount. Also, if you drink in social situation, holding a glass full with beverage is still better.
  • Be more selective when picking your drink. If you want to do one more toast or take second glass, pick something that you really like, and stick to that another one glass.

In the end, healthy drinking is not about restricting yourself too much you “get even” by drinking too much on the next opportunity, but knowing your own limit and consuming alcohol the right way to keep your health in the best condition.

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