The Most Dangerous And Deadly Types Of Cancer

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As the lifestyle changing experienced by human due to the impact of unhealthy modern life today, there are so many dangerous and deadly diseases that can be avoided by all people in this world. One of the deadly diseases is cancer. It has been very long time ago that cancer belongs to the most dangerous disease that cause the death of many people in the world. Cancer is a kind of disease that is related to the uncontrolled cell mutation. The bad news is that this disease is found as having no proper treatment. There are so many types of cancer that live in human body, but it is not all cancer types have similarities.

The Most Dangerous And Deadly Types Of Cancer

The Most Dangerous And Deadly Types Of Cancer

There are so many essential differences among many types of cancer, such as brain cancer and liver cancer. Both cancers have different types, including the difference in term of the location, its function in the body, the symptom and the danger. Some cancer diseases have light characteristic so that it has high chance of recovery, but some others have dangerous effect that can make the sufferers die. By knowing many kinds of cancers, you might be able to avoid and to treat it well.

The most dangerous and deadly types of cancer

Here several most dangerous and deadly types of cancer that you might know in order that you can avoid:

  • Pancreatic cancer

Pancreas is a body organ that plays an important role in producing several hormones, including glucagon and insulin. It also plays an important role in helping the nutrition absorption within the body. The pancreatic cancer belongs to the dangerous deadly cancer and belongs to the number fourth of the diseases causing death. Pancreatic cancer belong the diseases that the symptom is difficult to detect so that this disease is called the silent killer. Genetic factor becomes the main factor of this disease and it commonly happens to those who reach more than 60 years old.

  • Breast cancer

One of the most cancers that most women are afraid of is breast cancer. It commonly happens to women, but it does not close the chance that men also have a high opportunities. This disease can be seen through the different texture of the breast skin that has changed in term of size and shape. The main factor of this cancer is the type of sex and the lifestyle factor including cigarette and alcohol.

  • Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer causes the death of people around 5.1 due to the cancer diseases. The symptom if this disease is marked by the sickness in the area of prostate and the problem of the erection. It can also be caused by the bad lifestyle, including the pattern of eating. This cancer can be treated by operation, radiation and chemotherapy.

  • Colon cancer

Colon cancer happens to the colon that belongs to the last part of the digestion. This cancer belong the three types of cancer that are commonly found in the world. There are so many symptoms of this kind of cancer, including the constipation, diarrhea, etc. this kind of cancer is commonly diagnosed to those who reach 60 years old.

  • Lung cancer

Lung cancer is found around 28.3% of the cause of death of people by cancer and it belongs to the number one deadly cancer in the world. The symptom of this cancer can be cough, exhaustion, the degradation of the weight and etc. It is commonly caused by the bad habit of people and the unhealthy lifestyle like smoking.

Those are several types of cancer that belong to the most dangerous and cause the death of many people in the world. One cancer and other type of cancer are different in the symptom and the cause, but most of these diseases can be cured by the operation or chemotherapy.

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