The Common Treatment Options Of The Uterine Cancer

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The changing lifestyle nowadays impact toward the health of people in this modern life. Many people use the bad or unhealthy lifestyle to live that eventually impact on the health of people too. One of the most dangerous diseases that attack on women and causing the number one death of women in the world is uterine cancer. It is an abnormal condition of the growth of the cells comprising tissue. The exact cause of this disease is not known yet, but the fact of the bad lifestyle in this modern life can be one of the reasons.

The Common Treatment Options Of The Uterine Cancer

The Common Treatment Options Of The Uterine Cancer

The bad lifestyle that can cause the uterine cancer on women including obesity, having intercourse under 17 years old, having intercourse with so many people so that there is a virus called human Papilloma virus (HPV), endometrial overgrowth, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, menopause after 55 years old, women having no children, the history of the family having uterine cancer and radiation to the pelvis.

The symptoms of the uterine cancer are various, including vaginal bleeding, abnormal menstruation circle, bleeding after sex, pain with urination and pain with pelvic. Knowing the symptom in early stage is very important to avoid more and more pain and more dangerous cancer into the higher level of stadium.

The common treatment options to overcome uterine cancer that you need to know

There are so many options of the treatment to overcome uterine cancer that you need to know:

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment that is done to overcome any kinds of cancer particularly uterine cancer. It usually requires IV administration of drugs aims to kill cancer cell. This treatment is usually done to the patients that have no chance to do surgery, radiation and for those whom the cancer disease already spread to the other parts of body organs.

  • Surgery

Surgery is the other kind of treatment that also used very often to the patient that still in the early stage of the uterine cancer stadium. It includes the surgery of removal uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, some part of vagina and adjacent lymph nodes. This treatment is very recommended when the patient is in normal condition.

  • Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is used when the patient need additional hormone on the cancer cell. The hormone used is usually progesterone. This treatment is rare to be used even tough there are also many chance of uterine cancer patient need additional hormone.

  • Radiation

This radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cell through the radiation and it is only kill the cancer cell in the area of the radiation. There are two kinds of this radiation therapy, external and internal radiation. The external radiation uses big machine to give the light to the cancer area and the internal radiation uses a hose containing radioactive substance that is entered to the vagina for several days.

Avoiding is better than treatment. The changing lifestyle into the bad one must be avoided in order that people always stay healthy and stay away from disease including uterine cancer. People particularly women should concern on this because the sign of the symptom might not appear but the dangerous disease try to kill you.

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