The Beauty Standard of Women Constructed by the Media

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Most of women in the world dream of being beautiful women. There are so many beauty concepts that make people try hard to achieve what is so called as beautiful. Media has exploited women with the appearance that is dictated as being beautiful. Many women feel that they are not beautiful when they are not fulfilled the standard of beauty that is constructed by the media. What is seen in the media becomes the thing that is considered as a truth and what is constructed becomes the convention of the society.

The Beauty Standard of Women Constructed by the Media

The Beauty Standard of Women Constructed by the Media

Even though there are several media against the beauty standard that is commonly published, they are still far from being successful in changing people’s mind about the concept of beauty that has been shaped for long time ago. One of the media that challenge the beauty concept is the O magazine, belonging to oprah winfrey. In this magazine, oprah tries to construct the beauty that challenge the beauty standard today.

Beauty standard that become the mainstream

The beauty standard becomes the dogma that is believed by society as the truthfulness. Even tough, the O magazine try to challenge it, it remains exist. The beauty standards that are conventionally believed are:

  • Slim body

In the Victorian era, the concept of beauty was very contradicted with what we seen as today. It was a fat body that is considered as the beautiful one but the trend has changed. The concept of beautiful body is considered as the one having a slim body like a Barbie. Barbie becomes the symbol of beauty, especially in American society. Therefore, many diet programming and product offering the pill to have the slim body mushroom in recent years.

  • Tall

The concept of beauty is also pointed to the height of the body. People who are short is nor considered as beautiful anymore. Therefore, this concept is considered as the truth since there are many people agree with this standard.

  • Long

Beautiful women are women having long hair. This concept is still debatable because there are also many women having short hair but also considered as beautiful. It is because there are so many hair models that shows women in many various styles and hair model.

  • White skin

White skin is considered as the beauty standard since long time ago. People having a white skin is not only called as beautiful but also fragile. They only able to do the domestic works like cooking, sewing, etc. therefore, this concept is now little bit changed because of the acceptance of the black color as the concept of beauty. Since the abolition of slavery, the concept of beauty that makes a black woman that becomes the model of the beauty starts since around 2000s. it is because the society has accepted the women in black as the race with the equality.

That’s all the beauty standards that are considered to be true in the society. Therefore, there are so many beauty product offers the beauty concept based on their standard.

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