Sport Lovers Beware: Common Injuries You Must Know

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There is no excuse for skipping physical exercise nowadays; even those who are not athlete or avid sport lovers know health benefits that come from regular exercises. While jogging, yoga, skipping, biking or group sports you do a couple of times in a week are all great, there are risks to consider such as injuries. From various injuries you can experience, there are some that are considered as very common, and even the most avid sports lovers can experience one or a couple of them once in a while.

What Common Injuries You Can Get from Sport

sports injuries

sports injuries

Sports injuries are very common, and no sports lovers get worried about some minor bruises and abrasions. However, when you experience one of slightly more severe injuries, make sure you know the symptoms and give the right response before getting the injuries treated. Here are some common sports injuries and their causes:

  • Achilles tendon injury/rupture. This is very common among sports that rely on great exertions on legs and feet, such as running, soccer, basket ball and such. The Achilles tendon is located between the ankle and heel, and it can lead to rupture if you do not treat it.
  • Sprain. This can happen on various spots, but ankle sprain is the most common.  It happens when the ligaments around the joints are stretched or even torn.
  • Hamstring injuries. Hamstring muscles form your back of legs from calves to lower leg bones, and they can experience strain, tear, pull or even rupture. This is very common on people who do sports that rely on legs and feet, or those who do lots of stretching such as yoga and pilates practitioners. This can also happen on people who do not warm up properly before doing sport.
  • Plantar fasciitis. This is a common injury that makes people feel pain on their heels, especially when they take first steps after waking up in the morning. This can be caused by muscle overuse and the using of improper shoes.
  • Muscle cramps. These cause you to experience tight and intense pain, usually suddenly, because your muscles experience spasm. Improper warming ups and over exertion can be the cause.
  • Stress fractures. Unlike regular fractures that happen when your bones have hard contact with external hard surface, stress fractures can happen from over exertion or repeated impacts with particularly hard surface. Usually these happen on lower body parts such as legs.
  • Shin splints. Just like stress fractures, shin splints also occur because of overusing. In this case, the pain usually comes from shin areas.
  • Lateral epicondylitis. This is a fancy name for Tennis Elbow, which is chronic pain on and around elbows caused by overusing of the arm and forearm muscles.
  • Tendonitis. This is another sport injury that occurs from overusing, which causes the tendon to be inflamed, causing long, deep and nagging pain.

As you can see, many of these sports injuries occur from overusing the muscles and over exertion. This is why you must always remember to warm up properly, and limit your exercise time in a day. Remember, 20-30 minutes of routine exercises are better than 3-4 hours of exercises once a week, and the latter have bigger risks for sports injuries.

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