Running Tips to Prepare for Your First Marathon

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Joining long distance run for the first time must be exhilarating and challenging, but following the right running tips will help any beginners during this challenging race. Running for a long distance is not an easy feat, so make sure you prepare yourself properly. While long distance run is definitely challenging, first time runners should not be excessive in preparation.

Running Tips to Prepare for Your First Marathon

Running Tips to Prepare for Your First Marathon

Running Tips for Marathon Preparation

Say you are about to join a 5K event, you need to be able to run for a long time without stopping. However, this does not mean that you need to able to reach the same distance when practicing. For example, if you plan to join 5K race, you do not need to actually run for the same distance. As long as you can do non-stop running for 30 minutes every day, you are basically good to join marathon running event. Or, if you are a practically first-timer runner, you should be able to run-and-walk properly without stopping for 30 minutes.

You may get used to run on treadmill at your gym or home, but remember that marathon event is not the same with running on flat treadmill. The common running tips for marathon are running outside and (if possible) running through the course several times, even if you do not finish it. When you run outside, you must adjust with different surface and elevation. Even the slightest road elevation can give your stamina enough challenges, especially if you are a first-time marathon runner. If you have map of the marathon location, maybe you can try running on the course, even if you do not finish it.

Finally, make sure to pay attention to your diet. Eating proper meal every day is better than doing ‘carbohydrate-loading’ like many people misguidedly do. With enough preparation and practicing running outside, you can be more confident and prepared for marathon running race.

Running Tips Before and During Marathon Race

Now you have prepared yourself properly, but what about the moment before and during the race? Here are running tips to follow before and during race to make sure you finish the race safely:

  • Eat proper meal before running. Instead of carbohydrate-loading (which can cause gastrointestinal issue during the race), eat light meal about 90 minutes before the race. Not eating at all will make you depleted of energy during race, but eating immediately before running can cause stomach cramps.
  • Walk if necessary. Beginner runners do not need to feel worry or embarrassed if they feel tired and need to slow down a little bit. Endurance is something that needs to be exercised, so it is okay to walk in the middle of running. In fact, doing run-and-walk method is something that even experienced runners do during long distance run event, since it helps reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. Just make sure to keep brisk pace and proper form when walking.

With these proper running tips, you can join marathon race event with more confidence, and you will stay safe physically until the end of the race.

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