Proper Ways and Forms to Run on the Hills

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Running is a simple yet versatile exercise; there are many ways you can challenger yourself when running, such as run on the hills. While running on hills may sound like great challenge to increase your power and strength, it is also more strenuous and many casual runners even decide to avoid hills altogether. Runners often become out of breath even before they reach the peak, but it also often results from wrong techniques when running up the hill. If you apply good techniques, you will be able to tackle the hills and get maximum result from your running.

Proper Ways and Forms to Run on the Hills

Proper Ways and Forms to Run on the Hills

How to Run on the Hills

There is no reason for you to avoid tackling the hills altogether when running. Challenge yourself by running on the hills is great for your health, strength and stamina, so do not be afraid to try it. Here are proper techniques to tackle the hills in your running:

  • When you start to climb, do not have the ‘attack the hill’ attitude and posture right away, but keep your pace slow and regular, with regulated breathing technique, so you will not become out of breath once you reach the peak.
  • Keep a good form when you are approaching the hill. Keep the back straight, look straight ahead, feet land on the middle parts of the soles instead of the toes or heels, and hands are in 90 degree angle (feel like they are about to slightly brush your hips). You do not have to raise your hands up to your chest; just make sure your arms move back and front instead of side to side.
  • When climbing, keep your hand swing quicker and lower. This will result in faster strides, which help you to finish the run until you reach the peak. Raising your arms too high will take greater energy; a mistake made by many beginner runners. Keep the strides regular and keep breathing all the way up.
  • Resume normal striding speed as you approach the peak. After doing this for a while, you will see that you actually can store more energy when you finally reach the hill compared to runners who do wrong techniques, and you can resume your run home easier.

Finally, when you run down the hill, make sure you do not lean your body backward all the way down. Instead, lean forward while keeping your hips under you, your shoulders slightly forward, and your strides small instead of in big leaps. The latter might be tempting to do, but you will end up injuring your feet because of huge pressure you put on them.


Running up the hills is great to improve the level of your regular running, challenge your stamina and strength, and basically really great for your health. However, the proper techniques can be quite different from how you usually (and wrongly) ran before, so make sure you learn them and apply the right techniques. They help you running better, improving your health, and protecting you from injuries.

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