Preventing prostate cancer by applying healthy lifestyle

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Cancer belongs to the most dangerous and deathful diseases. The death caused by this diseases increases year by year followed by the number of bad habit of people in taking care of their health. If cervical cancer, uterine cancer and breast cancer are several numbers of the deathful diseases for women, then prostate cancer belongs to men. This disease is a cancer that happens in the prostate of men.

Preventing prostate cancer by applying healthy lifestyle

Preventing prostate cancer by applying healthy lifestyle

Most of prostate cancer is diagnosed in the average age of man around 80 years old. Many African-American are diagnosed more than Hispanic-American. This cancer begins in cell that makes mucus and fluid and then releases it. There are no clear sign of symptom in this cancer attacking men earlier. It can be known in advanced prostate cancer that can be known by the urination that is more often done by men and have weaker flow of urine.

The causes of the prostate cancer

There is no clear explanation of the cause of the prostate cancer. However, many doctor found that this kind of cancer begins when several prostate cells are in abnormal condition. The prostate cell grows faster than the normal condition. When the normal cell usually dies, the abnormal cell will not die. it will accumulate and begins to grow become the dangerous cancer that eventually spread to the other areas of the body organ, particularly in the male genital.

How to avoid prostate cancer?

There are so many ways in preventing yourself from prostate cancer, including starting to begin a healthy lifestyle:

  • Eat healthy food

Eating healthy food is very important especially vegetable and fruit. You need to avoid meals containing high fat. Fresh vegetable and fruit contain many vitamins and mineral that is very useful for your health. It is not only to prevent prostate cancer but also to prevent many kind of disease trying to ruin your body.

  • Do exercise regularly

Exercise helps you to keep your body healthy and fit. It can control your weight so that you will stay in the normal weigh. Moreover, it is found that men doing exercise more is healthier than those who never exercise and they are avoided from many kinds of dangerous dissuades.

  • Keep your body in normal condition

Keeping your body in normal condition can be many ways, including doing exercise, eating fresh vegetable and fruit and drink mineral water in the enough portion at least 8 glasses every day.  Therefore, you need to apply healthy lifestyle in order that you can keep your body healthy and fit so that you will avoid the dangerous and deathful disease like prostate cancer.

Several healthy life styles can prevent you from prostate cancer, so that change lifestyle into the better healthy lifestyle is better than you have to treatment the cancer. The more advance of the diseases the more difficult you to treat it. Therefore, it is better for you to know the symptom and avoid the things that make this disease come to your body. If you think that you have symptoms, it is better for you to check to your doctor.

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