Physical Therapy Tips to Manage Sudden Neck Pain

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There are various situations when your Range of Motion is severely limited suddenly, and you need the right physical therapy to handle it. One of the most common situations is sudden neck pain, which can be crippling and disconcerting at the same time. Even before you get professional help, you must know what to do to avoid aggravating your condition, and reduce the risks of getting your condition worse.


Physical Therapy Tips to Manage Sudden Neck Pain

Physical Therapy Tips to Manage Sudden Neck Pain

Simple Physical Therapy for Sudden Neck Pain

You can handle sudden neck pain with several simple physical therapy-based steps, to avoid aggravating your condition, until you get help. Here are some of the easiest but effective:

  • Keep calm and do not get panic. If you are panic, you might try moving your neck by force and make your condition worse.
  • Stay in good, proper position. During the time before you get professional help, make sure to maintain position in good posture. Use lumbar roll when sitting, avoid slouching, and avoid sitting with forwarded head when focusing on something.
  • Sleep with cervical pillow. This type of pillow has crease in the middle to make your neck stays in good position. You can get it at health store or physical therapist after getting treatment.
  • Get professional treatment. Some people might go to massage therapist for their pain, but be aware if your symptoms persist for weeks or make you feel incapacitated. Go to professional physical therapist or doctor to make sure you get proper treatment.

Remember, intense neck pain can happen because of serious problems, such as tumor or virus. Past accidents that are not treated well can also contribute to current neck pain. Make sure you call professional in the end to handle your neck pain.

Gentle ROM Therapy for Neck Pain

There are some simple ROM exercises that are parts of physical therapy for neck pain. If your condition happens for a long time, you can do gentle exercises, especially if your condition is related to slipped discs, joint problem, or muscle problem. Here are some of them:

  • Do gentle neck rotation; 15 times clockwise and 15 times counter-clockwise. Do it very gently and make sure that your body is in straight posture. Make sure you do maximum extension, but know your limit and avoid over-exertion.
  • Do neck retraction after neck rotation 15 times. Sit with straight back and drawn shoulders. Tuck your chin into your neck, but do not overextend. From this position, pull back the top of your head until you feel centralized pain. Again, make sure you do maximum extension with good posture, but without overstepping your limit.
  • If you cannot do neck retraction by sitting, do it by laying down flat, with pillow under your chin. Or, you can lie down on the stomach with arms in 90 degrees position, and forearms flat on the bed to do neck retraction.

With proper actions and physical therapy, you can manage sudden neck pain and avoid further problems related to your neck condition.

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