OB/GYN Diagnosis for Reproductive Health: Things to Say Truthfully to Your Doctor

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The rising awareness of women’s reproductive health makes more and more women more assertive in checking their own health to OB/GYN regularly. Pregnant women, nursing women and women with no children from any ages can get lots of benefits from regular screening on their reproductive health. Unfortunately, despite this growing awareness, many women still feel embarrassed of being open in front of their OB/GYN doctor. There are things that some women refuse to tell about to their doctor, and this is not good because it prevents full diagnosis on your actual condition.

OB/GYN Diagnosis for Reproductive Health: Things to Say Truthfully to Your Doctor

OB/GYN Diagnosis for Reproductive Health: Things to Say Truthfully to Your Doctor

Useful Confession for Women’s Reproductive Health

If you want your doctor to make perfect OB/GYN diagnosis, you must be truthful about many things that may be sensitive for daily conversation, but very important for doctor to determine your condition. Here are things that you should not hide from your OB/GYN doctor:

  • Frequent pain during sexual intercourse. Healthy sexual intercourse should not be painful, especially if it is frequent. Painful sexual intercourse can be one of symptoms of various conditions, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, endometriosis, and pelvic adhesions. Also, women who are trying to get pregnant will experience difficulties.
  • Your bowel movement is really painful. Painful bowel movement, especially the severe kind that can make you fainted, can be a serious problem sign in women’s reproductive health. Endometriosis is a condition when uterus lining tissue grows outside the uterus, and this is one of causes of infertility. However, this can also be caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but this and endometriosis often share symptoms, so it is better to play safe.
  • You experience vaginal dryness frequently. Some women do not want to admit it, because vaginal dryness is usually associated with lack of sexual arousal. However, this can also be caused by some conditions such as vaginal infection, irritation, and hormonal imbalance.
  • You have history of Sexually Transmitted Disorder (STD). Few people want to boldly admit that they had STD in the past, especially since there are many antibiotics sold to treat common STDs. However, if you plan to get pregnant, you must admit this to your doctor. STD can scar reproductive organs and block the fallopian tubes. Even if you never feel pain, you still need to tell about this to support OB/GYN diagnosis for reproductive health.
  • Your vagina produces bad odor. Sometimes, it is natural for vagina to have slightly pungent smell, especially when we are sweaty or not bathing and changing underwear for some reasons. However, constant bad odor that especially bad can be a sign for conditions such as bacterial vaginosis. If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to problems such as infertility and higher risk in getting STD.
  • You had sex without protection. This is the hardest confession, and many women just choose to be silent about this, especially with all stigma attached to people who do unprotected sex. However, be open about this in front or your doctor, since you can get contracted with STD from just 1 intercourse.

Being honest in front of OB/GYN doctor when diagnosed is a step further in women’s reproductive health, especially for better diagnosis and treatment for various conditions.

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