Natural Beauty Tips For Hair

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Having a beautiful, health, and nutritious hair is the dream of every woman. Even for some, hair reflects personality to their image. Hair treatment usually aims to keep the hair shining and far from dryness. For some women that are lack of spare time, home treatment becomes their last option instead of going on a beauty shop every particular time. And if you are one of them, here we provide you additional beauty tips for hair from your current treatment that you should try at home:

Natural Beauty Tips For Hair

Natural Beauty Tips For Hair

Beauty Tips For Hair: Home Treatment

  • Healthy lifestyle

If you really want to have beautiful hair, you should undergo a healthy lifestyle by applying nutritious diet. Nutritious diet does sound hard and complicated to pass, but it’s actually not! Just drink a lot of water, drink not only when you get thirsty. Do live that theory of eight glass per day, it’s effective to keep your body healthy. Furthermore, make sure that you include protein and vitamin A to your diet menu. Why vitamin A? Because it’s a vital nutrition for hair growth. Consume green leafy vegetables, cod liver oil, and carrots.

  • Reduce hair styling products

Stay away from any treatment and product that contain harsh chemicals. Such products will only spoil your hair growth, so if you still have them, at least reduce the usage so that your hair can “breath” naturally as it should be.

  • Try aloe vera

The next beauty tips for hair is to utilize plants. Aloe vera or curd is one of the most effective yet natural cures for hair. Especially for those with damaged and dry hair, aloe vera will add volume as you use it for conditioning your hair. Moreover, this fresh plant will make your hair shining.

  • Oil-free scalp

You need to always keep your scalp stay clean and free from oil. It’s important to know that washing hair daily is not good, it should be done frequently like once every three days. Washing hair too often will only peel the natural oils on your scalp that are essential for healthy hair growth. In addition, lukewarm or cold water is more recommended for hair wash since too hot water can potentially damage the tips of your hair.

  • Suitable shampoo and conditioner

To know whether one product suits your hair or not is only by using it for a certain period of time. Try to find the best combination of shampoo and conditioner that is good for your hair type. And remember not to comb your hair while it’s wet because you can break it, all the more by using hair dryer. Just let your dry naturally.

  • Regular sleep

Get a good, regular sleeping pattern. Believe that your hair reflects the restlessness you are going through. So just be happy so that you can stay away from dry, tangled hair.

Finally, if you are eager to take a good care of your hair, you may try deep conditioning hair masks every once in a while. In brief, beauty tips for hair is actually about reducing harsh chemical consumption and adding more natural ingredients to your hair.

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