Most Common Problems Related to Women Health

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Nowadays, women health seems to have more concern rather than beauty. It is because so many nutritionists argue that health must be the most priority. Many dangerous diseases attack women that drive them into death. There are so many people argue that women tend to concern about their beauty rather than being healthy. It is proven by so many diet program and surgery that are done without considering the health side of them.

Most Common Problems Related to Women Health

Most Common Problems Related to Women Health

There are so many women health problems that need to concern. Women have a high risk in adopting several diseases than men. Therefore, you have to improve your immune in order that it can avoid the diseases that can increase the risk of death. Many women are not concern on this. There are so many source of information that gives this kind of warning, but also many of them still try to ignore because of their worry.

Several Women Health Problems

There are several women health problem that have a high rate in attacking women, such as:

  • hepatitis

It is about 30% of the death of women in America is caused by hepatitis disease. This disease is very dangerous disease that is caused by so many factors, such as stress, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This disease must be overcome sooner because if not, the disease will enlarge to heart attack and stroke.

  • breast cancer

Breast cancer is also one of women health problem that has to be avoided by many women in the world. It is because the disease has high chance in attacking many women. Women having a postpone marriage and children tend to have a high risk in this disease. It is caused by the bad lifestyle and also genetic factor. There are so many women has died due to this kind of disease and the amount increases day by day.

  • depression

Depression is one of the most common women health problems that affect so many women in the world. It is a kind of mental health that is caused by so many factors. One of them is because the hormonal changes and also bad lifestyle. The stress due to the job that needs higher attention also becomes one of the factors that can lead to depression.

  • Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis harms the life of so many women nowadays. It is caused because of the lack of vitamin D. This disease makes the broken bone. This disease is also influenced by ages and races. To avoid this kind of disease, you need to consume many food containing vitamin D and also do exercise.

That’s several examples of women health problems that attack many women in the world. Many diseases have their own medical, included those several diseases. However, you need to pay attention on your health in order that you will far from the disease that might harm your life. It is better to avoid some diseases than you have to treat it. Consuming healthy food and regular exercise are wise activity to avoid health problem.

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