Lower Back Pain Problem and Solution: What You Must and Must Not Do

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Modern lifestyle has brought many specific health problems to city folks, but lower back pain is something that many people often neglect, unless they already feel incapacitated by it. People who have sedentary lifestyle often neglect the very first signs of lower back pain, until the condition becomes severe and disturbs their daily routine. Once you feel that your back feels pain, do not wait until the condition becomes worse, stop the bad habit that will aggravate the condition, and get the necessary treatment.

Lower Back Pain Problem and Solution What You Must and Must Not Do

Lower Back Pain Problem and Solution What You Must and Must Not Do

Things Not to Do when Having Lower Back Pain

Once you experience the first signs of lower back pain problem, make sure you avoid all bad habits that can aggravate your condition, such as:

  • Lifting heavy things. If you have lower back pain, you should avoid lifting heavy things before and during treatment. If you need to lift heavy things, ask for assistance. If it is required at your workplace, ask for some equipment to lift and transport the things.
  • This is something that we often do, especially if we spend hours sitting for work that requires intense concentration. If you keep this up, you will end up not only with bad posture, but also huge pressure in your joints.
  • Halting exercises. Many people mistakenly think that stopping their exercise routine is the lower back pain solution. However, stopping exercise will make your lower back pain even more severe, because being lazy will slower the circulation to the joints and make your muscles stiff, resulting in more aggravated back condition.
  • Bending too often. This can result in intense disc pressure, which later leads to pain. You should limit repetitive bending, and if you need to lift something from the floor, bend your knees to get down to the floor instead of bending your back.
  • Having passive treatment. If you have lower back pain, you should get complete treatment to fix the core problem. Passive treatments such as hot pack or ice pack only bring temporary relief, but they do not actually solve the problem.

If you have persistent back problem, you should not wait until it incapacitates you. Stop all the bad habits you may have that can aggravate your condition, and go see your doctor to discuss about further treatment.

Good Habits for People with Lower Back Pain

Before and during the treatment of lower back pain, you should also do good habits and routine that will reduce pressure on your joints, disc and muscles. Here is what to do to make your condition better:

  • Do light exercises. They will help keeping good circulation to the joints and keeping your muscles limber. You can consult your doctor or look up the therapy websites to see the best exercises you can do every day.
  • Keep good posture when doing hours of desk job. Sit straight with your elbows parallel to the desk, keep your shoulders back and your back straight, and do not slouch. Stand up and do light stretching every 20 minutes.
  • Do not listen to questionable horror stories about back pain; it will lead you to trust the wrong advice. Follow your doctor’s advice and do sensible methods to reduce back pain.

With sensible approaches to lower back pain, you can really speed up the recovery process and be free from pain.



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