Kitchen Appliances to Have for Healthy Eating Habit

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Health starts from home, and nothing shapes the foundation of healthier life like healthy eating. However, many people only focus on the types of foods to eat, but forget the fact that many of these foods must be measured and cooked properly to follow healthy eating guide. Certain kitchen appliances can give you benefits in starting healthy meal habit at home, even if you are super busy or a klutz type that cannot cook something difficult.

Kitchen Appliances to Have for Healthy Eating Habit

Kitchen Appliances to Have for Healthy Eating Habit

What to Have for Healthy Eating Habit

Are you ready to start your own healthy cooking? Here are kitchen appliances to have at home if you want to start healthy eating habit:

  • Food scale. This is important to measure the ideal food portions or weight and control your calorie intake. Whenever you see healthy food guide and see how many grams or pounds certain foods must be eaten every day, you can follow it immediately.
  • Skillet. Even a basic, simple skillet is important for healthy eating habit. With a skillet, you can make various low calorie foods such as vegetable stir fry, omelet, or fried fish that is made with a drizzle of healthy oil on the surface. Also, stir-frying is a cooking method that only needs a little oil, and you can make it with skillet.
  • Juicer or blender. This is a very important tool to keep healthy eating habit. With a good juicer or blender, you can make healthy smoothie from fresh fruits and vegetables, or your own protein shake to start a fitness regimen. You can also make low calorie breadcrumbs with good blender, which can be spread on salad or used to make baked foods.
  • Baking tray or sheet. This is good to make various foods without frying them, such as baked vegetables or fish filet. You can cut down the using of oil, and enjoy more varied foods. It is not just good for making desserts!
  • Slow-cooker. This is a very practical kitchen appliance for the busy. With this pot, you can mix a bunch of healthy ingredients such as vegetables, some spices and lean protein like chicken, and leave them while you are minding your business. Unlike regular pans and pots, you can actually leave the ingredients in the slow-cooker and do something else until the food is ready.

While these kitchen appliances look simple and common, they can greatly change the way you eat, and even help you to start cooking despite your daily activities.

Microwave as Healthy Eating Appliance

Have you ever thought of using your microwave to support healthy eating habit? Instead of using it to heat foods in packages, use it to cook portion-conscious cake, bran muffin, or low calorie scrambled eggs. There are now many healthy recipes that use microwave to cook, which are perfect for busy people. Make sure to have microwave-safe mugs and bowls at home to cook with microwave. With the right kitchen appliances, you can start healthy eating habit at home and change the way you make and consume foods.

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