How to Improve Sleep Quality for Your Health

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Sleeping seems to be quite straightforward, and everyone knows good night sleep is good for health. However, modern lifestyle often makes sleeping quite difficult, and many of us even rely on sleeping pills to get the rest we deserve. Unfortunately, quality sleeping is not just about completing 8 hours of sleeping schedule, but have good quality sleeping that makes you feel refreshed when waking up. Thankfully, there are ways for you to have healthy sleeping habit, even without involving sleeping pills.

How to Improve Sleep Quality for Your Health

How to Improve Sleep Quality for Your Health

Tips to Have Good Sleep for Health

Unless you have specific conditions such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome, your sleeping habit can be disrupted because of several things. One of the most common causes is disruption in circadian rhythm. It can happen when you are trying to sleep at the wrong time, or experiencing jet lag. Other times, sleeping disorder can happen because your bedtime routine is disrupted, or because your senses such as eyes and ears are bombarded with excessive stimulations, such as blaring TV or cell phone.

Having good night sleep is a must for your health. Here are some great tips you can try right away to have good night sleep:

  • Make commitment to turn off any electrical devices 1 hour before the designated sleeping time. This is a part to relax your senses and reclaim good bedtime routine. Read printed book, write journal, or listen to soft music without using earphones instead.
  • Have good and comfortable sleep environment. Any disruptions in your sleeping area can be hindrance for good night sleep, especially if you are a light sleeper or insomniac. Make sure to keep your sleep area free from disruptions. Keep the bed and the surroundings neat and clean, store everything in its place, and turn off the light when you are ready to sleep.
  • Cut back caffeine and nicotine, especially when you notice sleep difficulties. You can drink a cup of tea or coffee during breakfast or after lunch, or having a cigarette after lunch, but cut both of them after 6 PM, as preparation for healthy sleeping.
  • Consider to have separated sleeping area with your usual bed partners if you have sleep disruption. Bed partners such as bedfellow or even your mate can cause sleep disruption if you have acute insomnia or experiencing so much stress you become more sensitive.
  • Take warm bath and drink warm beverage such as milk or chocolate. They are relaxing and can help you with sleeping well.

If you have slightly more severe sleep problem but refusing to consume sleeping pills, you can take melatonin as “supplement” to support healthy sleeping. Melatonin can be found in milk, but many manufacturers have made melatonin supplements or even melatonin-enriched milk, which have relatively small effect.

Having good night sleep is important, but when your sleep disorder lasts more than several weeks even after applying these methods, you need to consider seeing a doctor. Natural sleeping is a great key to better health than any types of supplements.

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