How to Eat Healthily for Improving Brain Performance

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Today’s lifestyle demands us to work hard and put our mind into big stress. This is why optimum brain performance is important, and we use it in daily basis. Decreased brain performance often results in forgetfulness, lack of concentration, hard to do complicated analysis, and higher tendency to make mistakes at work. One way to improve your brain performance is by picking the right food.

How to Eat Healthily for Improving Brain Performance

How to Eat Healthily for Improving Brain Performance

People may already understand the importance of eating healthily, but how to eat to improve your brain performance as well as your body? Here are some recommendations of foods to eat for better brain performance.

Water, Lots of It

This is a very important part of healthy eating. Water does not only quench our thirst, but also important in supporting the works of our body cells, including brain cells. Plus, your brain is about 80% water, so even the slightest dehydration can affect its work (for example, you can tell that your concentration level is low when you are dehydrated). Drink about 84 ounces of water every day, but it is not always in the form of water; it can be in form of fruit juice, tea, milk, or watery fruits.

Natural Antioxidant Sources

Stress and exposure to pollutants can affect the work of your body cells, including brain. Damaged brain cells can improve brain performance, even since young age. Therefore, it is important to eat natural antioxidant sources to decrease the effect of free radicals. According to US Department of Agriculture, the best antioxidant sources are, such as: berries (blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries), broccoli, spinach, plum, red grapes, kiwi, oranges, cherries, beets, and bell peppers.

Eat Fat, DHA and Omega 3 Sources

Fat is a part of healthy eating, as long as it is good fat. DHA and Omega 3 are forms of fatty acids commonly found in fish, soy beans, fish oil, and Omega 3 fortified eggs and other products. These fatty acids have important roles in supporting cells’ works, forming cell membranes, and supporting the works of neurons in the brain. Other good fat sources you can eat are avocadoes, olive oil, corn oil, soy oil, almond milk, and fatty fish like salmon.

Combine Lean Protein with Complex Carbohydrate

Do not get tricked by fad diets that tell you to skip carbohydrate or protein from your daily meal; human body needs balanced nutrition to work properly, including your brain. To avoid weight problem, the key is combining complex carbohydrate with lean protein, allowing you to absorb the best of the nutritional values without adding excessive calories and sugar.

Complex carbohydrate sources are: whole wheat products (bread, pasta, and noodle), oats, wheat germ, yams, spinach, various beans and legume, pumpkin, brown rice, and Brussels sprouts.

Lean protein sources are: lean beef or pork, skinless poultry, ocean fish, soy products, seeds and nuts, Omega 3/DHA fortified eggs.

Do not forget to eat these foods in balance portions, and skip junk food and excessive sugar whenever you can. Healthy eating will slowly make your brain work improved and you will find yourself in better stamina and mind state after adopting healthy eating style regularly.

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