How to Beat Insomnia and Have Good Sleep

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Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours a day is important for your health; not having good sleeping pattern can lead to tiredness, sluggishness, lower body immune, lack of concentration, obesity, headache, and even psychological problems. Bad sleeping pattern is also linked with higher risk of stress, depression, cardiovascular disease, and other serious effects. Having long period of insomnia will definitely affect your daily function, and you need to solve this problem without depending on sleeping pills.

How to Beat Insomnia and Have Good Sleep

How to Beat Insomnia and Have Good Sleep

Natural Ways for Better Sleep

There are several ways you can have quality sleep without having to swallow sleeping pills. Here are some that you can immediately try:

  • Eat the right foods. There are several types of foods that can help you to sleep because they act as natural sedatives, mainly foods that contain magnesium, tryptophan (a type of amino acid), and vitamin B. Involve foods such as green leafy vegetables, whole grain carbohydrate sources, bananas, almonds, legumes and cashews in your daily meal, especially dinner. Milk also contains melanin that can help you sleep. Cut back sugar, caffeine, chocolate and nicotine if you have insomnia.
  • Yoga or meditation, at least 20 minutes before bed. Focusing on breath and movements help you to be more focus and relax at the same time, reducing the anxiety and stress that are among the major causes of insomnia.
  • Warm bath and aromatherapy. They are classic combinations for relaxing and also pleasant ways to end the day. Warm bath is relaxing and you can drop several aromatherapy oil into the bathtub such as lavender to sooth your mind. Or, you can put lavender aromatherapy pouch under your pillow.
  • Add exercise into your daily routine. Tense muscles are among major causes of insomnia, and routine exercise can help you loosening the muscles, making it easier for you to sleep, and you also get extra health benefits. Also, if you exercise and use your energy, sleep comes more easily. However, do not exercise 1 hour before bed because you will not be able to sleep due to rising adrenaline level.
  • Limit distractions. TV, laptop and smart phone are all audio visual distractions that will make it harder for you to fall asleep. Plus, if you read or watch something that stresses you out or rising adrenaline level, it will be even harder for you to sleep. Stop watching TV and turning off your laptop, PC and phone 1-2 hours before bed, dim the light, and read books if you still want to do something (reading printed books will not blare your eyes with radiation and help you to sleep by making you focused).
  • Music therapy. Many people found out that this is effective. Use calming music such as those yoga or meditation music records with soft tone. Lay down on your bed, dim the light, and play the music softly.

Try these ways one by one or several at one time if you need to go to sleep naturally without drugs. A good sleeping pattern and quality will result on better health condition, both physical and psychological.

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