How to Avoid Fad Diets and Choose the Healthiest Diet

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In the era when being slim and fit is highly desired, fad diets easily find followers, even when there are many warnings about their dangers for health. These quick-result diets are often outrageous, with clear health risks, but they do not stop people to try the diets. However, sometimes fad diets come in subtle way, disguised as regular diets that still require healthy foods. How can you avoid fad diets and not confuse them with healthy diets?

How to Avoid Fad Diets and Choose the Healthiest Diet

How to Avoid Fad Diets and Choose the Healthiest Diet

Common Signs of Fad Diets

Whether it is lemon and chili pepper diet, chicken soup and chocolate diet, or maple syrup diet, typical fad diets are usually easy to separate from a healthy diet. Whenever you see news or website posts about certain diets, be alert when the diets have these signs:

  • They require extreme method such as starvation or reducing the consumption of major food groups in huge amount, even cutting many of them completely.
  • They require only few types of foods that are consumed exclusively for certain amount of period.
  • They involve specific food combinations under the notion that certain nutrition groups cannot be digested together, or should be combined to support better digestion.
  • They claim that exercise and lifestyle change are unnecessary or at least can be changed just a little.
  • They promise rapid weight loss in super short period of time.
  • They “sell” the names of celebrities or other famous people, or promoting certain “herbal supplements” that must be consumed during the diet.

These signs can occur altogether or several in a type of diet, but all fad diets are the same: they promise quick weight loss with ways that will potentially risk your health, and even dare to suggest that you should cut certain food groups, which are normally deemed healthy and alright.

Lifestyle Changes as the Best “Healthy Diet”

Some specific diet methods such as Mediterranean Diet or low-carb diet seem like better options compared to typical strange diets you often hear about, but these diets can have their drawbacks, too. They ask you to greatly reduce or even cut certain food group components, such as carbohydrate, fat, or protein. Choosing healthy diet is actually not about cutting food groups, but rather modifying the lifestyle, including choosing the best food combinations that work for your health and waistline.

Choosing healthy food combinations that consist of all nutritious food groups, even include (healthy) fat, is the best “diet” method. This is because your body naturally needs all the nutrition groups to support its many functions, and the food intake must be balanced with regular workout. Healthy lifestyle may show the result slower than fad diets, but the result is more permanent and consistent. Fad diets usually show “yo-yo weight effect” on your body, not to mention health problems that come from cutting important nutritious food groups.

In the end, healthy “diet” is all about modifying your lifestyle and eating balanced meals, not using fad diets that promise quick result without paying attention to your health.

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