How Eye Contact Lenses Cause Eye Inflammation

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Whether it is for sight or fashion, many people wear eye contact in favor of glasses because it is practical and can be fun. Also, contact lenses are now getting popular, what’s with crazy and inviting designs such as reptile slits, soccer balls, and such. However, eye contact lenses can cause serious conditions, and eye inflammation is one of the most popular conditions that can happen to people who wear contact lenses improperly.

How Eye Contact Lenses Cause Eye Inflammation

How Eye Contact Lenses Cause Eye Inflammation

Symptoms of Eye Inflammation from Eye Contact

Eye contact causes eye inflammation only if you wear them improperly. If you experience these symptoms after wearing contact lenses, you need to visit a doctor for opinion. Here are the symptoms you need to scrutinize:

  • Your eyes constantly look red or pink without clear causes.
  • Painful sensation in or around the eyes, even after you release the contact lenses.
  • Lost or blurred visions.
  • Your eyeballs become super sensitive toward light.
  • Eye discharge without exact causes, such as tears or eye crust.
  • Constant sensation that there are things lodged in your eyeballs.

If you experience several or all of these symptoms, they can be signs of serious eye inflammation. If you experience them after wearing contact lenses, you should visit the doctor immediately to determine the next step, especially if you need to wear contact lenses for seeing.

How to Avoid Eye Inflammation from Eye Contact

Inflammation in the eye can be caused by factors such as fungal infection, bacteria such as Pseudmonas aerugenosa and Staphylococus can cause eye inflammation. This, in turn, happens because the eye contact is not cleaned well before worn. Here are ways to avoid eye inflammation happens just because you wear contact:

  • Wearing the contact lenses overnight. They can cause bacterial infection from putting eye contacts too long in the eyes. Some people wear their contacts overnight, but this is only with doctor’s suggestion.
  • Touching or rubbing your eyes constantly, especially if you do not wash hands before touching your eyes.
  • Using tap water or any other water beside the recommended cleaner. Eye contact lenses come with liquid cleaners, and you should use this solution to clean the eye contact, instead of using tap water, which can lead to eye infection and inflammation. The same things happen if you put the lenses in the tap water to keep them.
  • Never share your eye contacts with others. Your eye contacts are important to your own eyes only, not for other people. Letting others using the lenses can really increase the risk of infections.
  • Always wash hands before wearing and removing eye contacts. Bacteria from your hands can make your eyes infected if you do not wash hands first.

Basically, eye contact lenses are something that must be worn with doctor’s prescriptions. Therefore, you should not wear contact lenses that are sold with cheap prices to adorn your eyes. They may look fun, but there are also risks that accompany your style choice. Always make sure to consult with doctors before and after wearing lenses, or when your eye contact is almost expired.

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