Healthy Low Carbohydrate Snacks to Keep Your Figure

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Eating healthily does not mean you skip meal, but eat with balanced amount depend on your nutritional needs. Healthy snacks are also important for healthy eating pattern, as they help satisfying hunger pangs between main meal times. However, you also must pay attention to what you eat, to avoid experiencing obesity, diabetes, and other ailments brought by eating carelessly. Low carbohydrate snacks can make you feel fulfilled without giving health problems in the future.

Delicious, Low Carb Snack Options

Eating healthily does not mean you are stuck with plain veggie sticks. Here are low carbohydrate snacks you can munch between meal times without having to chew on plain carrot and celery:

  • Nuts. These are quick, delicious snacks easy to find anywhere. Peanuts and almond nuts, for example, are delicious and quite fulfilling without giving you high carbohydrate intake. You are suggested to eat raw or roasted nuts without salt and spices. If you want to fry them a little bit, use olive oil or soy oil without salt. Otherwise, sunflower seeds are also delicious and healthy snacks.
  • Berries and cottage cheese. Mix about ΒΌ cup of any berries you like (you can chopped them first), and add 1/3 cup of cottage cheese on top. Or, you can replace cottage cheese with Greek yogurt if you are not a cheese fan. This combination is unique, refreshing, light, yet quite fulfilling in between meal times.
  • Homemade pepperoni crisps. Slice the pepperoni into thin slices and use microwave to turn them crispy, sort of like pepperoni chips, but with way lower carbohydrate level compared to those pepperoni flavored potato chips. Put them in Ziploc bag for your quick, savory snacking. You can add low calorie dip such as hummus or spinach dip for extra flavor.
  • Cream cheese and smoked salmon on lettuce leaf; you can roll the smoked salmon and cream cheese in lettuce, wrapping them like Korean style lettuce roll. If you want starch element a little bit, add plain crackers that are baked, not fried. There are now also whole wheat crackers or potato crackers that you can serve as healthy snacks.
  • Hard boiled eggs. They are very common in many areas around the world as good protein sources, and you can eat them anywhere easily with one hand for quite snacking. If you want more flavor, slice the eggs and eat them with a dash of black pepper, cracker, or turn them into devilled eggs.
  • Turn classic wine platter into low carbohydrate snacks; sliced apples, grapes, low fat cracker and cream cheese are great for snacks without guilty feeling.
  • Love yogurt? Make it more flavorful by adding berries, sliced strawberries and some flax seeds or crushed nuts on top of plain Greek yogurt. Replace the berries with sliced mangoes, avocadoes and pineapples for more tropical flavor.

Healthy eating does not mean you need to eat like a rabbit; there are many alternatives for healthy snacks that you can consume between meal times without feeling guilty.

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